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The Last of Us fan turns the HBO series into a PlayStation 1 game




Fan-made games are some of the most exciting projects as they are created by developers truly passionate about the stories they draw from. One such fan has created a video game based on The Last of Us live-action TV show for the PlayStation 1. In a 1-minute clip shared by the fan, we see a scene from the TV series made with the classic PS1 graphics. It’s incredibly nostalgic for anyone who ever owned and played Playstation games, showing us what the Last of Us game could have looked like if it was released during the reign of the PS1.

The Last of Us TV show


The Last of Us games were released on the PlayStation 4, with Part 1 released in 2013 and Part 2 released in 2020. The immense success and popularity of the game led to the creation of the TV series based on the first game, which audiences and critics have commended. Season 1 of The Last of Us TV series follows Joel Miller as he transports the young Ellie across the dystopian world of infected humans, where she is the only human immune to the deadly virus. The bond between the two builds as they travel to a Firefly lab so that Ellie’s blood can be used to develop a cure for the Cordyceps virus.

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The Last of Us fanmade PS1 game

The video clip was shared by Reddit user westonfahey79, showing a mini-game developed by them, which included audio from a scene of Episode 2 of the HBO live-action series. The clip shows footage of a game that has the typical blocky-looking characters and pixelated graphics from the PS1 era. In it, we see Joel and Ellie wearing outfits that are nearly identical to the ones in the series.

The Last Of Us – PS1 game based on the TV show
by u/westonfahey79 in thelastofus

The video clip shows Ellie, Joel, and Tess interacting in a scene similar to the show as they walk down an abandoned street. In the next scene, we see Joel going up against two enemies, apprehending one of them. A playable version of the game has been uploaded by westonfahey79, though the entire game has not been made available. The playable scene was posted on, a website where users host and sell indie games.

Other games by the developer


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Westonfahey79 has also developed another game called 28 Pixels Later, which is fully playable. This game has players assuming the role of a SWAT operative trying to escape from hordes of zombies. It is similar in style to the Resident Evil series games and has a nostalgic feel. This game also has PS1-styled visuals featuring plants that restore health when smoked and limited ammo.

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