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The cast of Game of Thrones hated talking about Jon Snow when he was dead



Game of Thrones has had a lot of great moments over the years, and one of the biggest was Jon Snow‘s death. The Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch was betrayed by his own men, and stabbed in the cold, at the end of Season 5. For a year till Season 6 aired, we all believed Jon was gone, and the cast of the show had to make sure that the rest of us didn’t find out that Jon would be back. Now, as we all know, they did a great job at that, but apparently it was a pain to deal with the whole dodging for a year, as the cast recently revealed. Read on!

As you know, Game of Thrones had its panel at the San Diego Comic Con 2017 (SDCC), hosted by Kristain Nairn, who played Hodor, and had several members of the cast, like Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Bran Stark), Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei), Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth), Conleth Hill (Varys), Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy), John Bradley (Samwell Tarly), and Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth). A lot of things were discussed, but the best one of the bunch was when Nairn asked all of them which character they would have wanted to not get killed. Everybody had their answers, and justifications, but the cast had the best reaction to Nairn’s take on his own question. He said that he would have brought back Jon Snow, because of how it was to deal with the questions about Jon Snow after his Season 5 death. Nairn said :

“I have to say Jon Snow, just to save us having to talk about it every five minutes for a year. That was a really crummy year. After being asked for the 36th time in a day, I was like ‘You know what? I don’t care.’ The next day, the paper was like, Kristian Nairn hates Kit Harington.”

Well, we’re just glad he came back. Here’s to hoping Jon Snow doesn’t die again, because it would suck for all of us. What do you think? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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