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Take a look at Cersei’s threatning letter to Jon Snow



July 22nd, 4:19am July 22nd, 4:19am Amrit PratyushAn engineering student by profession who is at heart a true fan of Game of Thrones and loves to think and put those ideas on paper. Influenced by GRRM, Amish Tripathi and sacred texts from Indian Mythology. Yes, I strongly believe in God.

“I understand we’re in a war for survival. I understand whoever loses dies. I understand whoever wins could launch a dynasty that lasts a thousand years.”

Now that Cersei Lannister sounds as vicious as never before, the hot talk of the hour is her next move. Of her many plans to destroy her many enemies, it seems she has started to make her efforts on the North. The parchment says ”Cersei of House Lannister, first of her name, queen of the andals, and he first men, Protector of the seven kingdoms, summons the rebel and the bastard Jon Snow to come to King’s Landing, to bend the knee to his rightful Queen or suffer the fate of all traitors.” Take a look at the actual letter below:

In her message, she speaks of the North facing same inevitable doom as of the other traitors. Possibilities cannot be denied that she has more guilds of wildfire or any other secret weapons. Not to forget her hand, ‘Qyburn’ who is a genius at bringing those perilous plots to existence. Also, although his origins are discret, we have our accounts from season 3 that he spent a fair deal of time with ‘Roose Bolton’ in Harrenhall. Thus, he might have some really important strategic information on the North which might aid cersei’s plans, unless some major plot twists are on their way.

If you’re her enemy, she’ll never stop until she’s destroyed you. Everyone who’s ever crossed her, she’s found a way to murder.” Sansa’s words clearly inflict the fear and her regard for Cersei’s threats which Jon is unaware of. Cersei exactly like her father, cannot be believed to have made an idle threat, and on the above mentioned grounds, her threat really seems tangible.

What action do you think Cersei will take against Jon Snow? Let us know in the comments below.

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