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Survey by Rotten Tomatoes reveals favourite Game of Thrones characters, worst seasons and lots more



Game of Thrones has one of the biggest fandoms on the planet right now, and with Season 7 about 10 days away, fans are getting into all kinds of crazy predictions. While the fandom is divided on what will happen as the show goes forward, but there are some things, mostly about the events that we have already seen on the show, that the fandom agrees upon. Rotten Tomatoes recently held a fan survey to map the answers to some questions about the show, and the results show an interesting insight into the things the fandom is united and divided over. Read on!

The fan survey held by Rotten Tomatoes asked a total of eleven total questions, mostly focusing on what the fandom thinks is the best and worst of the story. The full results were posted by Business Insider. First off, is the most important question : Who does the fandom want to see on the Iron Throne? The top three choices here are interesting. Daenerys Targaryen wins with 45%, followed by Jon Snow at 29%, and then Tyrion Lannister at 11% The favourite characters? Tyrion leads with 28%, with Daenerys following at 19%, closely followed by Jon Snow at 17% Three heads of the dragon, eh? Following, the most shocking moment was no shocker, with Red Wedding taking the cake with 29%. Ned Stark‘s beheading came second, with 13%, followed by Hodor‘s death at 10%.

Cersei Lannister was the clear choice for the greatest villain, getting 41% of the votes, while Ramsay Bolton got only 22%, and Littlefinger finished third with 16%. Greatest hero went to Jon Snow, with a 33% vote share, while Dany took 17%, and Arya got 10%. Daenerys and Tyrion got voted the favorite alliance, with a clear majority.

Coming to the best part, the deaths, Joffrey Baratheon‘s snuffing got voted the most satisfying, with 44%, followed by Ramsay Bolton at 35%. Saddest death went to Hodor, with 35% of the votes. Ned Stark got 14%, but won the most shocking death with 25%.

As far as the seasons go, here are the worst seasons ranked by percentage of votes :

Season 5 – 28%Season 2 – 27%Season 3 – 18%Season 4 – 10%Season 6 – 8%

Season 1 – 8%

…and the best seasons :

Season 6 – 30%Season 4 – 23%Season 1 – 19%Season 3 – 14%Season 5 – 9%

Season 2 – 4%

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So, how do the results match with your answers to these questions? Tell us in the comments, down below!

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