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George R. R. Martin reveals which smaller Game of Thrones house fascinates him the most



George R. R. Martin

We all know which houses are among George R. R. Martin’s favorites. Book readers and show watchers alike can easily point out his likeness to the Targaryens and Starks. These are two of the mainstream houses around whom the story revolves, so naturally, they will be among his favorites. Recently, George R. R. Martin revealed two of the smaller houses he finds most fascinating in his world of Westeros.

What are the smaller houses that George R. R. Martin is fascinated with?

George R. R. Martin Answers Fan Questions

In a live stream event to celebrate the Targaryen Dynasty and the release of his book The Rise of The Dragon, Martin answered a lot of fan questions (The video for which was posted on the youtube channel of Penguin Random House Publication). One of the questions asked was, “What smaller house in Westeros is the most fascinating to you and why?”

George R. R. Martin Answered:

“That’s a tough one, I do get interested in the history of many of these smaller houses; obviously House Velaryon, which was largely very much in the background in A Song of Ice and Fire but is very much in the foreground of Fire and Blood and House of the Dragon is a house that has engaged me.”

Martin continued, addressing the plans regarding the spin-off focused around Corlys Velaryon:

“And you know one of the successor shows we’re working on is called Nine Voyages; It’s the earlier Voyage of Corlys Velaryon who was the Sinbad the Sailor, the Magellan, (and) the Captain Kirk on the water of Westeros, and he made these incredible nine voyages to the far ends of the Earth so house velaryon is one that’s interested me.” 

George R. R. Martin then revealed the second smaller house he is interested in:

“I’ve always had a soft spot for house Blackwood, which has an interesting history, and they’re one of the few houses south of the neck that still follows the old gods and has a weary tree, and they they have not adopted the faith of the seven that’s an interesting (one) to me how did they work out.”

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He ended by stating more minor houses with a rich history he is curious about, like the houses in Dorne and House Dayne.

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