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Emma D’Arcy got “Targaryen” advice from Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke



Whether you like Daenerys Targaryen’s character or not, you have to appreciate the queen when even “The Baddest Man on Planet” calls her a badass. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones has become a pop culture figure. Hence, when the prequel show, House of the Dragon star Emma D’Arcy (Rhaenyra) wanted some advice, she looked up to Emilia Clarke.

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Emma D’Arcy talked to Emilia Clarke before filming House of the Dragon

When asked if they ever got any Targaryen advice from Emilia Clarke, D’Arcy told THR, “I spoke to Emilia Clarke before I started shooting, and she was beautiful and so generous. Loads of stuff, which honestly, I’m going to keep for myself. I’m also very lucky.”


Emma D’Arcy feels their wig is a blessing

D’Arcy continued, “That wig is a blessing; people don’t recognize me, so my day-to-day is broadly unchanged, which I feel very grateful for, not least because, and maybe this is also a question, I feel that the ability to observe others and not be the observed is so fundamentally important to our job. I guess I’ve just really worried about that.”

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