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Fan makes Game of Thrones intro using Sky News’ Queen Elizabeth II funeral coverage



skynews game of thrones inspired queen elizabeth coffin route clip

The fantasy show of the century filled with British accents, Game of Thrones, is undoubtedly loved by the English. The show is based on books inspired by the War of the Tudors of Britain. With Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, Britain is in a state of mourning. Sky News recently released a clip showing the route the late Her Majesty’s coffin will take. But it immediately reminds fans of the legendary Game of Thrones intro sequence. So much so that a fan, Dmitri Grapari, put the Game of Thrones intro track over the clip, and it fits perfectly.

This is especially amusing since Sky (along with NOW TV) holds exclusive broadcasting and streaming rights for Game of Thrones in the UK. Now with the prequel spin-off House of the Dragon also airing on Sky, their clip seems much less of a coincidence. After all, life imitates art, and art imitates life. Here is the original intro of the series for reference.

Official Opening Credits: Game of Thrones (HBO)

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