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Septa Unella and The Mountain star in a commercial and love is in the air!



As you might remember, Cersei had her revenge on Septa Unella at the end of Season 6. Septa Unella (Hannah Wadddingham) is left in the dungeons, fully at the mercy of the Mountain (Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson). Now, we know things don’t turn out well for Septa Unella after Cersei swaggers out of the dungeons, in the show. However, a new commercial shows the Septa and the Mountain in a whole different light.

Image credits : Sodastream

In a recent advertisement for Sodastream, a machine that lets you carbonate water on your own, Septa Unella does her “Shame!” routine, this time for a guy who is seen carrying sparkling water in plastic bottles, and soon other people join in to heckle him. Titled “Shame or Glory“, the advertisement then shows the guy bring the bottles to The Mountain, who then goes on to give plastic the much needed hate, and introduce Sodastream. Watch the ad below :

The little scene at the end shows the two enjoying a moment, which made us realize that Björnsson-Waddingham would actually make an adorable couple. If that weren’t enough, Björnsson had posted a video on his Instagram, featuring Wadddingham. Check it out below :

Now we know that seeing both of them as a couple is impossible but let’s talk about a modern-day Thrones fandom Beauty and the Beast love story. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

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