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Ryan Condal doesn’t think Blood and Cheese episode is like the Red Wedding

Ryan Condal explains that the Blood and Cheese episode focuses more on character experiences than sheer shock value.



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The second season of House of the Dragon is almost here, and it will include one of the most brutal moments from the history of Westeros: Blood and Cheese. While this scene is horrifying, showrunner Ryan Condal doesn’t think it’s on par with the most heartbreaking moment in Game of Thrones.

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Ryan Condal on the challenges of living up to iconic Game of Thrones moments


Credits: Jeff Kravitz

GamesRadar interviewed Ryan Condal about the upcoming season and asked about the pressure of bringing such a dark moment to the screen. There have been inevitable comparisons to the shocking scenes in Game of Thrones, specifically the Red Wedding, where the Starks were massacred. Condal said:

“It’s all about telling the story and the character’s journey. I do disagree a bit with the comparison. Blood and Cheese is shocking, but the Red Wedding was shocking because it killed off characters who were seen as the heart of the show. Once Ned Stark died, Cat and Robb Stark became the stars. Killing them off at a wedding was a moment no one could ever top, especially since it’s already happened.”

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“One of the challenges is everyone keeps asking, ‘Where’s your Red Wedding? Who’s your Cersei?’ We are always in the shadow of the original series. We just focus on telling our story as it unfolds. Blood and Cheese has its place in the narrative; it’s shocking and awful, but it shows how terrible war is and how quickly things can spiral out of control, especially in medieval times. We’re more interested in the character’s experiences and what happens to them afterward rather than just the shock value.”

Season 2 of House of the Dragon will be available on Sky and NOW on Monday, June 17, in the UK, and on HBO and Max on Sunday, June 16, in the US.

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