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Rickon Stark actor joked on Twitter about the big mistake his character made



Game of Thrones season 6 episode 9 was easily one of the best episode we have seen in the show and almost all the fans will agree with me on this. The episode was a roller coaster ride from the start and it showed no signs of slowing down. The episode is the costliest one in Game of Thrones history and it’s not difficult to imagine why. The Battle of the Bastards was the biggest battle we have seen in the show till date and it also had some amazing special effects.

Overall there wasn’t anything that made the fans question the episode, except one thing. Before the battle started, Ramsay Bolton showed us how good he is at manipulating people as he lured Jon Snow into a trap by using Rickon Stark as a bait. Jon Snow had done lot of planning and was sure that he would outsmart Ramsay but as Sansa Stark had warned him, Ramsay had a trick up his sleeve and Jon fell for it.

Ramsay made Rickon Stark run for his life, while shooting arrows and deliberately missing and just when it seemed that Jon might rescue Rickon, Ramsay’s arrow struck Rickon in the heart, thereby killing him and trapping Jon Snow in a difficult position. Game of Thrones fans were angry and frustrated to see Rickon running in a straight line and it soon converted into jokes, with people joking about how he made a stupid mistake by running straight, instead of zig-zag.

Art Parkinson, who plays Rickon Stark was aware about what people were saying about his character and he decided to joke about it by tweeting the following.

Had a good run #shouldazigzagged

— Art Parkinson (@art_parkinson) June 20, 2016

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Well, we will have to agree that even though his character doesn’t know how to run for his life, he sure does know how to take things jokingly.


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