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Rhaenyra foreshadowed her return to King’s Landing in season 1 of House of the Dragon




It’s nearing six months since House of the Dragon season 1 ended, which calls for a rewatch. Every rewatch, you will notice something you hadn’t previously, especially if you know the lore and what’s about to come. When the Greens and Blacks came together over dinner for Viserys’ sake in episode 8, Rhaenyra and Alicent shared a hopeful moment. After a fight ensues between Jacaerys, Aemond, and Aegon, the good times come to an end as the children are sent back to their rooms.

But, Alicent and Rhaenyra hang back for a moment as the Princess says that she should get the children back to Dragonstone but promises, “I’ll return on dragon back.” Alicent replies, “The King and I would like that.” What seems to have been a sincere moment, reflective of their deep friendship, might have foreshadowed what’s to come.

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Returning on dragon back


Travel via dragon is undoubtedly one of the fastest methods of transport in Westeros. Still, Rhaenyra will not be coming to King’s Landing on Syrax to exchange pleasantries with Alicent the next time we see her. Since Lucerys Velaryon is dead and Aemond had a huge hand in making that happen, it is safe to assume that the Black Queen will be out for blood.

The next time we see the Princess returning to King’s Landing, she will be on dragon back as she attacks the capital and succeeds. Initially, Rhaenyra maintained her station at Dragonstone as she sent her commanders to war, but after the death of Jacaerys Velaryon, she and Daemon attacked the capital on their dragons. Within a day, King’s Landing had fallen. Following this, the Blacks behead Ser Otto Hightower and imprison Alicent. However, this is not the end of Dance of the Dragons, and much more bloodshed will follow.

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