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Pilou Asbæk says Euron Greyjoy's aim got worse “because they needed it for the story line”



Game of Thrones said goodbye to a lot of characters in Season 8 episode 5, “The Bells“. One of these was a relatively newer, yet very much noticeable character — Euron Greyjoy. In a recent interview with Vulture, actor Pilou Asbæk discussed how it was to play this character, and more. Read on!

Speaking of “The Bells”, Pilou revealed that he hadn’t watched any episode since season 6, but recalled that the table read was very emotional because of the number of characters that die. He was then asked about how it is that Euron went from Dragon-slaying aim to not being able to get a good shot at Daenerys:

“Because they needed it for the story line? I don’t know. I think we had to take out one dragon so we level the fight just a little bit, and they caught her off guard. It was a sneak attack. That’s the reason why they could kill one of the dragons. But now she’s prepared and now she’s pissed, and if there’s one thing you don’t want, it’s the dragon mom pissed. She’s going to go fucking rogue man.”

He then discussed his last scene, which was Euron dying at the hands of Jaime Lannister, after a rough brawl:

“That was wonderful because Nikolaj and I are old friends, and he’s such a nice [guy] and I’ve known him for so many years. We’ve worked together in Denmark as well, so that was very emotional. The reason it was also very emotional was because it was Nikolaj’s last day of shooting Game of Thrones. He was wrapped after that fight, so when I said, “I’m the man who got Jaime Lannister,” it was also me saying, on a private level, I’m the man who did the final scene with Nikolaj.”

He was asked if he celebrated with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime), to which he replied:

“Yeah, man, you hug and you do a high five, and I actually think we drove home together and we talked about everything. He was just being realistic about, because it’s been ten years of his life, and now he needs to redefine [himself] and his career and do something radically different than Game of Thrones. That’s a big challenge. That’s a big challenge for everyone. But would you swap anything and not be a part of Game of Thrones? I don’t think so. This is a phenomenon. Even though some people have been very critical with some of the things this season, it’s also because people are emotional about it. It brings a lot of things up in people.”

Pilou then discussed playing Euron, and how he was received by the fans of the show:

“I’ve enjoyed it. The reaction has been so positive, and people have been so sweet and wonderful about it, as long as everybody’s writing the same thing: “I hate your character, but I love you.” Some people forget the last part of that sentence and just write, “I hate your character,” “I hate your acting,” “I kind of just hate you, man.” Those are fun as well because you’ve just got to embrace it. For me, this is my job, and next week it’s over and people will calm the fuck down, and they will start appreciating what Dan and David have created. But right now, people are so emotional; it’s quite intense. I’ll tell you that.”

He also talked about how HBO had a strict policy that wouldn’t let them post pictures of filming until the related episode had aired, which explained a lot about some of his Instagram posts.

What do you guys think? Did you like Pilou’s portrayal of Euron? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


When a well-known celebrity makes an appearance in your favourite TV show, it is always a pleasant surprise. The biggest TV show of the past decade, Game of Thrones, witnessed a lot of celebrity cameos. We can’t blame them, the series got so popular and addictive, every single fan wanted to be a part of it.

In an interview with Stereogum, The National frontman Matt Berninger revealed he’s “f***ing p****d” that he and his bandmates were not given a cameo on Game of Thrones.

Berninger revealed his band was on set during the filming of some of the episodes. He said, “The National’s been to the top of the Wall. We were in Belfast. We’ve been to Castle Black. We couldn’t post anything but there are all these great pictures of us at the top of the Wall at Castle Black.”

The indie rock band had recorded songs for the hit HBO series. In 2013, they released a version of the classic Game of Thrones song The Rains of Castamere. They also wrote Turn On Me for an album featuring music inspired by the show.


The frontman couldn’t hold back his frustration when other singers made cameos on the series, including Ed Sheeran, Sigur Ros and members of Coldplay. The singer vented, “You’re right. I’m p****d. I’m f***ing p****d, I’m p****d I never got to be in it. I mean, there are were well-known there and we all have beards and s***.”

Matt also revealed showrunner Dan Weiss was a huge fan of the band. His bandmate, Bryce Dessner, was close friends with Weiss. No wonder the musician is so disappointed. Would you have liked his cameo? Talk to us in the comments below!


The prequel to the Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, has already brought fans to their toes. HBO has already added to the hype by announcing Paddy Considine as the first confirmed casting for the series. He will play the noble Targaryen King Viserys on the screen. Showrunner Ryan Condal is further causing a stir by explaining how the prequel series will be different from Game of Thrones, yet similar in some aspects.

Fansided’s Corey Smith had an opportunity to talk to Condal and David Mendel over a podcast on 28th October. Being a Game of Thrones fan, he couldn’t resist the urge to ask Ryan about the upcoming prequel series.

Ryan replied, “Without saying anything, because they have a device inside my head that they can just detonate remotely and replace me with someone else. If I say anything, I think any writer, any time you approach a project. You ask,Why are we telling this story?’ And that’s usually a theme question. So the original series has certain themes, and I think Miguel (Sapochnik) and I found together this thematic that runs very much through the Targaryen dynasty that we are very excited about.”

That to me, gives you the sort of all the familiarity of the original series that people love so much while having a very different thing to say about the show,” Condal continued.

We’re really trying to approach this show, and honour all of the things that were great about the original, while not just doing a cover of the song you’ve heard before. It’s trying to be original without completely trying to break the box.”

The discussion was spoiler-free and really enjoyable. What are your expectations from House of the Dragon? Tell us in the comments below!

Hand of the Queen Daenerys, Tyrion Lannister, is one of the most beloved characters on Game of Thrones. Played by the veteran actor Peter Dinklage, the character was famous for his wise and romantic nature, unlike the typical dwarves of fantasy movies. James Hibberd explained how Dinklage avoided being stereotyped as a typical dwarf in his book Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon.

The Entertainment Weekly editor revealed Peter had refused to grow a bread for the show initially. Tyrion had a long, thick beard according to George R.R. Martin’s book. However, Peter believed it would earn him a stereotype. He had just played a fantastical dwarf with a long, flowing white beard, in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

This is why Tyrion is clean-shaven in the first few seasons,” Hibberd explained in his book. “After the character was established, he does end up growing his kind of cool, rockstar beard.”

Game of Thrones showrunner David Benioff had earlier said Peter was the perfect choice for Tyrion in a New York Times interview. He described Dinklage as ‘being the core of humanity, covered by a shell of sardonic dry wit, is pretty well in keeping with the character.’ He had earlier praised Pedro Pascal for his role as Oberyn Martell.

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