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Peter Dinklage still misses playing Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones




Game of Thrones was one of the best shows of the century, no doubt, and time and time again it proves that in various polls. There were several characters on the show that grew up to be household names, and Tyrion Lannister has to be up on that list. Peter Dinklage breathed life into that character, there’s no one in the world we can even imagine, besides him, of course, playing Tyrion Lannister, he’s become synonymous with the role. And quite frankly, Dinklage misses playing his iconic persona, which brought him so much fame and fortune.

In a recent iteration of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Dinklage admitted he still misses playing Tyrion. He was comparing all the characters so far, from Tyrion to his most recent movie character Cyrano, and they had one thing in common, they were incredibly intelligent. Dinklage recalled:

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From Tyrion To Cyrano - Peter Dinklage On Playing Intelligent Characters

“I enjoy playing Intelligent people. It’s more fun. You know, to take people on that intelligent ride. Like Tyrion, on Game of Thrones, did that as well. I mean time to move on, but sure. You’ve got to graduate. But yeah, it was a great part. He didn’t have the tragic ending of Cyrano. He didn’t fear or hide behind any other man to get the lady. So there’s a difference there.”

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  1. Craig Jones

    December 18, 2021 at 8:46 pm

    I miss George R.R. Martin’s Tyrion Lannister who was consistently intelligent, witty and kind. The show runners’ writing of the character in the last two season lacked all of the backbone, intelligence and wit, probably because they’re nowhere near as intelligent or witty as George R.R. Martin, otherwise they would have been writers, not just producers.

  2. Craig Jones

    December 18, 2021 at 8:51 pm

    I also think there’s a very, very, very easy low-hanging fruit for the execs to pluck and make a lot of money from. Bring back the most beloved characters for a sequel. That would include Tormund’s continued pursuit and eventual romantic seduction of Brienne through some kind of harrowing arc where they are both stuck together in a survival situation, some subplot involving Arya (no one really liked Sansa), and Samwell learning some new mystical lore that underpins the whole new series. These actors are easily available, probably affordable, and I 1000% guarantee the public would watch avidly.

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