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Pedro Pascal is “actively” avoiding negative comments about Joel’s decision in The Last of Us finale



A desolated man who has lost everything, an orphaned child who needs to be delivered to a location, and the two end up forming an unbreakable bond – Pedro Pascal has been ruling 2023 with this exact same storyline. Initially ignorant of the game, Pascal has grown to love the story of The Last of Us and his character Joel. So it is understandable why he is so protective of him.

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Why is Pedro Pascal avoiding negative comments about Joel?

In a recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Pascal explained, “I feel protected from what the conversation is in a way. And I think that personally I haven’t really been ready for it to sort of be over, so I’ve kept my distance from its finale in a way. It hasn’t intruded upon my experience in terms of what people’s opinions for or against are, in terms of a very specific decision the character makes. I guess I’m actively being ignorant about how everyone feels about it, but it hasn’t been too hard to be, if that makes any sense. No one’s yelled at me in the street. Or been like, ‘How could you do that?’”

The Last of Us Episode 4

What does Pedro Pascal think about Joel saving Ellie?

Pascal told Empire Magazine in an earlier interview, “He’s just riding this unconscious wave of delusion mixed with gratitude. Even though it comes with such a big lie, it doesn’t feel like a lie in his heart, because he has her back and they’re going home. It’s the first time he’s able to share a memory that makes him happy, because he’s with the person that makes him the happiest – his daughter, Ellie. Ellie can smell the sense of what’s in his unconscious, and something’s off. It isn’t until he’s under her lens of truth that it all comes tumbling down. And he has to lie to keep it going.”

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