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Paddy Considine (King Viserys) talks about his favorite props from the set of House of The Dragon



king Viserys in episode 8 house of dragon

Game of Thrones merchandise is very rare to get your hands on, a prop from the TV show is even rarer. The cast members were themselves denied access to many of the iconic set treasures that were close to them. This is why when Paddy Considine, who played King Viserys, knew he was about to shoot his last scene on the prequel show House of The Dragon, he nicked a few props from the set.

Recently, Considine sat down to have a chat with Vulture, and he talked about his favorite props from House of The Dragons, and the ones he got to keep.


He said, “The knife was the one for me. I loved the knife, and I loved the significance of it. When I got it, and I realized that it was the knife that later killed the Night King, I was like, Whoa. That’s amazing. What a great thing to have. Such a significant item within that world.”

“I never ask to keep props — the only thing I’ve got of Viserys is a scabby old headpiece and wig that my makeup team gave me as a joke at the end. It’s in my garage and people see it and say, “What’s that?” That’s the only thing I have. But the knife, I wanted. I asked several people, I said, “Could I have a knife? If you make me one, I’ll buy it.” And they were like, “No, no, that’s a really important knife.” And I go, “Yeah, I know. That’s why I wanted it.”

“I think he’s the best character I’ve ever played, and I just wanted something of him.”

“[Brings a miniature dragon into the video frame.] That’s all I stole. A stone dragon from my Old Valyria model, and a coin with my head on it, and that’s it.”

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