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Olivia Cooke was hungover on her first day on the set of House of The Dragon




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is the most hyped show of 2022. So far it has checked out all the parameters that were placed before its premiere. One of them being the casting of actors for various roles, and just like its predecessor, House of The Dragon has managed to impress the audience in that field as well. Actress Olivia Cooke, whose performance as the older Alicent Hightower has been praised by both fans and critics alike, is one of the many gems amongst the highly talented cast. However, even she got nervous on her first day on set, and was hungover on her very first day.

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olivia cooke as queen alicent episode 6

Cooke recently appeared on the Private Parts podcast and said, “Yeah, I never do that. It’s my first day though, maybe like you know part way through. The job when you know, it’s just a pickup of me looking out of the window. Yeah no, I did. Because I was sort of safe in the knowledge that my pickup time was at 11 am the next day. And then I wasn’t shooting until the last scene of the day. So I thought I would be fine, what’s a few glasses of wine between me and Alan Carr? And then it was just bottles, bottles of wine.”

“Remembering my friend in the Uber, home, and him being like I’ve never heard you that pissed before. It was just really self-sabotaging. But it was fine, I know which scene it is, and I’ve seen it, and you can’t tell. So that’s good.”

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