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Olivia Cooke stopped reading Twitter discussions to avoid ‘flamboyantly evil fan fiction’




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon was the most anticipated show of 2022, managing to woo fans and critics alike. People are already expressing their love for their favorite characters on social media sites, at times in the form of fan fiction. Actress Olivia Cooke, whose performance as the older Alicent Hightower has been highly praised, is quite aware of these stories. However, she is not particularly fond of them.

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Cooke recently appeared on In The Envelope podcast and said, “There are a lot of opinions and a lot to take in. Realistically, it’s mostly positive. But there are these really gross and flamboyantly evil Tweets that do just reverberate around your mind…. It’s only then when you’re like: Oh, my God, maybe this anonymous person who sent this Tweet is right, not the person who spent two years thinking about the character.”

“To look at that stuff, you’re inviting it in. So you must shut that door in order to do your job. And the people you need to invite in, when it comes to this character in this story, are George R.R. Martin, Ryan Condal and [writer] Sara Hess, and our amazing directors Clare Kilner and Geeta Vasant Patel. Those are the people you want to believe and trust, because you can’t really go along with Twitter fan fiction.”

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