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Netizens are swooning over Kit Harington’s reaction on seeing a Game Of Thrones slot machine In Las Vegas




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Game of Thrones merchandise is rare and highly prized. They are really hard to come by, but sometimes they are found in the most unexpected of places. Game of Thrones star Kit Harington, famous for playing the role of Jon Snow on the show, recently made a surprising discovery, and chanced upon a rare Game of Thrones item at a totally unforeseen place. His reaction was priceless, and fans all over the world can’t stop giggling at the poor actor’s innocence.

Harington wasn’t exactly happy when he discovered a Game of Thrones slot machine in Las Vegas. During a recent trip to Sin City, Kit came across the Game of Thrones branded slot machine while walking through a casino.


Kit’s friend and actor Rob McElhenney, who was there at the scene, couldn’t help but captured his expression on camera. And Game of Thrones fans can’t thank him enough for that. Rob may have made him realize something about his HBO contract.

He made a TikTok video using the clip. “When you realize your deal didn’t include merchandising rights,” the TikTok voiceover said. The video pans to Kit’s straight-faced reaction, which has now been reviewed over 2 million times on the app.

Rob later shared a follow-up video, asking Kit what he thought of his TikTok account, to which he replied, “Isn’t that for kids?” In response, Rob offered his own displeased straight-faced reaction.


A few months ago, Maisie Williams debuted on TikTok with a secret account. However, we can be sure of one thing, Kit’s reaction showed Jon Snow really knows nothing at all!

What do you think of Harington’s reaction? Tell us in the comments below!


Fans of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire have been waiting a long time for his next book, The Winds of Winter. The last A Song of Ice and Fire book hit store shelves in 2011, a full decade ago. Although he updates his fans now and then, the fans are really annoyed as he is taking too long to finish. Martin is probably very sick of hearing about this, but he knows that finishing the book is his obligation towards countless readers. Martin’s unwillingness to complete the highly awaited novel was foreshadowed in an event back in 2013. He broke a musician’s guitar on-stage for singing about how he should speed up his writing.

Though it was all staged, it showed Martin had no intention of completing the novel anytime soon. The clip shows comedic music duo Paul and Storm performing their song, “Write Like the Wind (George R. R. Martin),” which came out in 2012 and is literally a song imploring Martin to write faster so everyone can enjoy A Song of Ice and Fire. “George R.R. Martin, please write and write faster, you’re not going to get any younger, you know,” it goes. “Winter is coming, I’m growing impatient, and you still got two whole damn books left to go.”

In a staged stunt, Martin comes out on stage and smashes the guitar Paul and Storm were using to bits. Then Neil Gaiman comes and reminds the band of his famous phrase: “George R.R. Martin is not your bitch.”

Do you think Martin will ever be able to complete Winds of Winter? Tell us in the comments below!


We have always wondered how it would be like to delve inside the world of toons ever since we were kids. There have been many movies on the concept. Space Jam (1996) was a crossover between the world of cartoons and the basketball arena and was widely successful. Warner Bros is bringing the thrill of basketball and the comedy of our favourite cartoons back to the silver screen with Space Jam: A New Legacy. And it pays a beautiful homage to several of HBO’s classics, including Game of Thrones.

A preview for Space Jam: A New Legacy streaming in the Annecy International Animation Film Festival reveals several Looney Tunes characters have been spending their time in other Warner Bros.-owned universes. In the movie, Bugs Bunny and LeBron James have to travel to different worlds Warner “Serververse” to reunite the Tunes. These include the universes of Game of Thrones, The Matrix and Casablanca.

An unfinished scene in the preview shows Foghorn Leghorn living in the Game of Thrones world with Targaryen-style hair, riding a dragon and shouting “Winter is coming!” Speedy Gonzalez and Granny are shown living together in The Matrix. Speedy’s speed proves a natural fit for The Matrix’s bullet-time action.

Looney Tunes were also the most watched content on HBO Max back in 2020 post Game of Thrones era. It seems like people are still in love with the toons. What do you think of Space Jam’s homage to Warner Bros classics? Tell us in the comments below!


The final season of Game of Thrones was a controversial one. It divided the fanbase into two – one who loved it and the other who hated it passionately. Time after time we see fans and celebrities debating over the issue alike. Even the show’s cast has their own opinion about it. Some, like Nathalie Emmanuel, defended the controversial ending. While others, like her co-star and friend Emilia Clarke, were a bit annoyed. This is evident from her recent interview segment with theSkimm.

Emilia got candid in the interview. She was asked if there was one scene she would like to go back and change on Game of Thrones. She replied, “Right, the bit where I died!”

It seems like Emilia absolutely hated her death scene. Not just her, lots of fans all over the world were highly dissatisfied with the treatment Cersei and Daenerys received. Some didn’t like how Bran ended up on the Iron Throne instead of Jon. There were many who were petitioning for a remake of the final season. Clarke’s statement shows how divided the fanbase and crew was about the show’s finale.

Emilia also rekindled the controversy regarding who put the mysterious coffee cup next to her in the final season of the show. She pointed her fingers at Dan Weiss, one of the showrunners, quite inconspicuously. How would you have changed the final season of Game of Thrones? Talk to us in the comments below!


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