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Nathalie Emmanuel talks about the “emotional” love-making scene between Missandei and Grey Worm



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Game of Thrones has had some great character development over the years, and for a show that has so much murder and chaos, it does romance well too. One of the couples in focus this season includes Missandei and Grey Worm, who shared an intimate moment in the second episode of Season 7. Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays the role of Missandei in Game of Thrones, recently spoke toThe Hollywood Reporterabout the scene, and the connection that her character shares with Grey Worm. Read on!

So what is it that draws them to each other? Nathalie gave her take on the subject :

“They were both suddenly thrust into freedom. It was a whole new concept: freedom of having individual thoughts, or feelings, or opinions, as opposed to being told what to do and when to do it without question.”

She went on to say :

“Out of all the people who surround Daenerys, they understand where the other one has come from more than anybody else. Missandei is asked to teach him the common tongue. It grows from there. It grows from a mutual understanding, and also their vulnerability of being a little bit afraid, and also being afraid together. They clearly love each other very much, but they’re also facing great danger together.”

She was then asked how she felt when she first read the scene. She replied :

“I guess I had an inkling we would have a scene [that advances our relationship] together, because we generally do, but I didn’t know how it was going to happen or what the scene was going to be. I wasn’t massively surprised. We could feel the natural progression of their relationship anyway. I thought there would be some sort of scene that brought it to a head in some way that had progressed from the last time, when we thought he was going to die [in season five], and she was by his bedside, and they shared their first kiss. I thought there was going to be a natural progression, but I didn’t know how or to what extent. So when I read it, I found it very touching.”

She said that although she was very nervous for the scene, Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) made it very easy for her. The two apparently knew exactly what was going to happen on the set, and that helped in filming it. She went on to say :

“I think we both treated this day … I don’t want to say “seriously,” because that’s probably not the right word. We weren’t cracking jokes necessarily. We were both very focused, I think, on that day. We knew we had to get it right. And we wanted to get it right. Not just as actors, but for our characters, and for the fans as well. We wanted this part of their relationship and the evolution of their relationship to be truthful. That’s all we were striving for. We had to be respectful of each other. We were in a position where we had to be very vulnerable with each other in those moments of when we were shooting. At the end of the day, we just high-fived each other. “OK! We did it!” “

She also talked about the question that the entire fandom seems to be needing answered : how can a eunuch have sex? :

“Well, I think people are very unimaginative if that’s all they can think about. It’s interesting. I read an article this morning about the scene, and this idea that people who are eunuchs aren’t sexual beings — these heteronormative ideas of sex of a penis going into a vagina, like it’s the only way people can conceive sex and sexual intimacy. Obviously we know from the many different types of relationships in the world that penises aren’t always needed. Clearly. (Laughs.) “

Lastly, she talked about her idea of the perfect ending for the show :

“The happiest ending would be that the Night King and his army are defeated and Daenerys becomes the queen, and she rules justly and cares about the people, the way we’ve seen her do already. And for Missandei, she gets to be with the man she loves, and he’s safe and she’s safe. That’s the best we could ask for, really.”

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