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Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor teases dark fate for the Stark sisters



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Game of Thrones Season 7 has been really good, and the best part about the story has been the way it has consistently toyed with the relationship dynamics of certain characters. Arya and Sansa Stark finally reunited, and we got to see them then move to what has happened in the time that they have not been around each other. Now, in the latest episode, titled ‘Beyond the Wall‘, we saw the two share a moment which made us think that the Stark sisters will be having a big face-off soon. Director Alan Taylor, who is behind some of the best Game of Thrones episodes, recently teased a dark fate for the Stark Sisters. Read on!

Alan Taylor recently spoke to the Huffington Post, and discussed the Arya-Sansa relationship dynamic, and how he sees it going forward. Speaking about their scene from ‘Beyond the Wall’, he said :

“I love the fact that these two come back, they’re both lethal, and I just wanted to give the impression, as much as possible, that one of them is going to die, but you’re not sure which one.”

He went on to speak more about the scene, and tease what’s coming in the finale for the two :

“I think both characters have been through absolute hell since the death of their father in very different ways, and have turned into absolute lethal individuals. We’re very aware of how lethal Arya is, because she’s displayed it over and over again. But I love the fact that the tables do turn back and forth between them; it really is a shifting back and forth of power between them in those scenes we had. And when Sophie says she won the Battle of the Bastards, she’s right. I love the fact that these two come back, they’re both lethal, and I just wanted to give the impression, as much as possible, that one of them is going to die. But you’re not sure which one.

Arya is certainly lethal and sort of threatening, but when Sansa sends Brienne away, who is Arya’s natural protector, something is coming very soon between them, and it will be violent but surprising.”

What do you think is coming for the two? Our favorite theory is that Arya and Sansa are secretly plotting to murder Littlefinger. What about you? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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