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Naomi Watts is binge watching Game of Thrones before filming the Prequel



Game of Thrones has been a sensation pretty much since its inception back in 2011. It has been responsible for bringing huge viewership back to television. It’s crazy how many people must have watched it across the globe. But given the residents of planet Earth, it’s still not too many. Every now and then, one encounters someone who hasn’t watched it at all. For some, managing time for a new show is difficult, the hype works against a few others.

Naomi Watts, who has been roped in for a lead role in the newly announced prequel to Game of Thrones, has admitted having not watched the show at all. The Ring actress is on it though, given she will play a part of the Westeros history. She talked to Entertainment Tonight ahead of hosting the Worldwide Orphan’s 14th Annual Gala in New York.

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On watching Game of Thrones, she said, “I am late coming to it, I have to say. But that’s how I am with lots of things in life. I am binging it right now and studying. It’s very exciting.” When she was asked if she is a fan of the show now, the Oscar nominee exclaimed, “Beyond.”

The information regarding the officially-untitled prequel to Game of Thrones has been pouring in for the past 2 weeks. With George R.R. Martin announcing the arrival of Naomi Watts aboard the new show (supposedly The Long Night) and HBO releasing some teasing information, including the casting of Josh Whitehouse for another lead role, the Jane Goldman‘s pilot has spread its wings for the flight ahead.

George Martin is a co-creator and executive producer on the series. The prequel is set to chronicle the world’s descent from the Golden Age of Heroes to its darkest hour, which might be the arrival of the Long Night and the White Walkers, thousands of years ago the Winter that’s come. Naomi’s character is described to be “a charismatic socialite hiding a dark secret.”

Talking about the Gala she was hosting, which is dedicated to helping orphans and at-risk children, she told, “It’s just really important to see all children who are suffering are well supported.” The benefits from the event go to the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, led by Dr.Jane Aronson. She continued,“Through [Dr. Aronson’s] way of doing things, through Toy Library, it’s the best way to do things and it’s amazing how strong this foundation is and how many years it’s been going. It’s impressive.”

Being a mother of two kids, Naomi acknowledged the high sensitivity towards the cause being served.“The minute you have children, nothing prepares you for those fears [for] their health and safety and then, as they grow older, their emotional well-being. Or even when they are little. And, this is what Jane’s work is all about. It’s that if they are emotionally supported they are going to heal faster,” she explained.

Parents certainly become extra cautious and careful once they have children. Game of Thrones has had fierce mothers in Catelyn Stark and Cersei Lannister, determined to go no holds barred to protect their children. Let’s see if Naomi Watts gets to play another omnipotent mother on the new show.

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