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Music composer Ramin Djawadi might not return to score Game of Thrones prequels



Game of Thrones is currently close to wrapping up the filming on Season 8 of the show, while in the meantime the Live Concert Experience is on its second run. As we know, Game of Thrones has some amazing music, and that’s thanks to the composer for the show, Ramin Djawadi. As the show ends, HBO is gearing up for the prequel shows to follow up Game of Thrones. We’ve heard that anybody from the original cast might not show up in the prequels, but we haven’t heard anything about the crew returning. In a recent interview, Djawadi revealed that he might not be coming back. Read on!

Ramin recently spoke to Independent about his work on Thrones, and future prospects with HBO. Speaking of some of his favorite work on the show, he said:

“In season 6, the long Battle of the Bastards was really fun to write. That’s a 20-minute long sequence. I really had to sketch the whole thing first before I went back and orchestrate it. I had to make sure I kept the overview of the arc I wanted to achieve. Those scenes take a while to write.”

He then was asked about his most challenging work on Game of Thrones. He replied:

“Shireen’s death always comes to mind. It was so hard to see.”

Now, as you know, Ramin also works on HBO’s next big money child, Westworld. Speaking of scoring the Game of Thrones prequel shows currently under development, and he evaded revealing much when asked about it:

“I think it’s too early to tell. I’m not sure what where they’re at. That conversation is way too early to have.”

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What do you guys think? We would love to see Ramin work on the follow up series, especially since he has set the tone for the entire Thrones universe, and it’s fitting that he carries it forth. What do you guys think? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


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