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Miltos Yerolemou reveals the secret behind Syrio Forel’s Amazing Last Battle Scene


Game of Thrones became one of the most successful shows of the past decade due to a variety of factors. Highly realistic fight scenes were one of the reasons why the show became so popular. Some characters, like Arya Stark’s teacher Syrio Forel, did not have much screen time, but their popularity skyrocketed nonetheless. His last appearance on the show where he fights his last battle while protecting Arya is one of the most beloved fight scenes amongst the fans. Miltos Yerolemou, who played the role, revealed how they made the scene look so realistic.

Yerolemou explained to Collider, “The team on Game of Thrones were fantastic. Let’s be absolutely straight here — the Hungarian stuntmen were the people who really made me look good, because they flipped and fell over, and reacted to my movements in such a way that made it look even more phenomenal. So, it’s a collaborative effort, like it always is.”

Ultimately, it’s a matter of creating the choreography and then making sure that you just practice it. In the end, with the Lannister fight, I think we spent a few days. But also, part of mine and Maisie’s agreement or deal was that we made sure that we did everything ourselves. So, even though we had stunt doubles who were brilliant at what they did, they never got a chance to film any of the stuff because …

So, it’s a collaborative thing. Ultimately, it was having people that just created really good choreography and then we just worked our butts off.”

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Game of Thrones’ first prequel House of The Dragon has already caused a huge stir amongst all the fans around the globe. The upcoming series based on the Dance of The Dragons focuses on a civil war that nearly destroyed Westeros prior to the events of Game of Thrones. HBO has already showcased the key players in the acting roster, hyping up the fans even more. WarnerMedia Chief Jason Kilar recently talked about HBO’s success and Game of Thrones prequel in a virtual appearance at the MoffettNathanson Media and Communications Summit.

I’d argue we’ve done more for theatres in 2021 than anyone else in Hollywood, by far,” Kilar declared. “There will be those stories that are so epic in scope and fit a certain sensibility that we feel that an exclusive theatrical release makes sense. … But there will be other stories that are different, that we actually think hew much closer to what we’re seeing this year in terms of movies that are available on HBO Max the same day that they’re made available to the exhibition. It’s going to be fascinating to see how that all evolves.”


When asked about the long-awaited prequel to Game of Thrones, House of The Dragon, Kilar said, “I’m just so excited because the world that exists in Westeros and the broader landscape and the characters,” he said. “The Targaryens are about as crazy as they get. It’s literally the essence of good drama.”

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Game of Thrones became one of the greatest shows of all time for a wide variety of reasons, one of them was the on-point casting. The cast was highly admired by the fans, but A Song of Ice and Fire readers know the appearances of a few were tweaked for the show. Miltos Yerolemou, who played Arya Stark’s famous sword instructor Syrio Forel on the show, revealed an interesting fact about his character. In an interview with Collider, he mentioned Syrio was originally supposed to be bald.

He had also revealed he first auditioned for the role of Lord Varys. Yerolemou said, “In the books, Syrio Forel is described as bald, with a nose like an eagle. We had lots of discussions about, “Are you going to shave your head?” And I was like, “Yeah, of course, if you want me to.” I’m one of those actors that loves the transformation. I really like changing my appearance as much as possible when I do roles. So, I was all up for it.

But in the end, George R.R. Martin said, “The reason why I wrote Syrio the way I did was because he had to be different from all those hairy guys in Westeros. The long hair, the beards.” When I saw him, he said I exuded a certain European-ness that kind of meant that there was no way that they were going to mistake me for a hairy guy from Westeros. So, they said, “There’s no need to shave your head. You’re different enough. As long as you look different, that’s the most important thing.” There’s a sophistication to those Braavosis anyway.”

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Destiny often plays funny tricks on people. It has a strange way of manifesting itself. For example, Joe Dempsie, who played Gendry on Game of Thrones, was originally up for Jon Snow. And we’re thankful he didn’t, because he was great as Gendry, and Kit Harington was perfect as Snow. Miltos Yerolemou, famous for his role Syrio Forel, almost didn’t play his much-beloved character. Talking to Collider in an interview, the actor revealed he was originally in talks for playing Lord Varys.

He revealed, “Yeah. Varys, that was my first read. That was the first thing I read for. It was a great scene. It’s the scene where Ned is imprisoned after being injured by Jaime Lannister. And he is in prison and he goes to him and he says, “Look, just renounce what you said about Cersei and just basically take the black. Your family will be safe. And that’s the way to deal with the situation.” It’s almost like a confessional. And it’s such a brilliant scene.”


“I had no idea what I was reading — I hadn’t read the books, and it literally was just that scene. But it was so brilliantly written… I don’t think I’m being too disrespectful to other jobs that I’ve been for. But, it’s not often you get really good scenes to read in your castings. And when you get a really good scene like that, that is so well-written, you go, wow. You really want to do this job, because if this is the standard of the scripts…”

“So it was really good, and they really liked my reading, but they just didn’t think I was right. But they saw something in me. I was lucky [casting director] Nina Gold and me go back a long way, so she knew who I was when she gave me that thing to read. But I think once she saw it, or once the producers saw my casting for Lord Varys, they were like, “Oh, hang on a minute. Maybe we should get that foreign dude…””

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