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Michiel Huisman talks about the Final Season and how Game of Thrones changed his life



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Game of Thrones is returning in April, the next year and still, we do not have any idea regarding the return of Daario Naharis back in the series. The much-loved character has been missing from the series since the last episode of the sixth season and the actor recently told the Collider that he isn’t allowed to reveal this to anyone at this point of time. Read on.

The actor Michiel Huisman hasn’t been seen after bidding a goodbye to Daenerys in the episode ‘The Winds of Winter’ and it seems that after leaving Meereen in the series ventured out for a role in the Netflix’s latest buzz ‘The Haunting of Hill House’.

He plays the role of the oldest sibling Steven Crain in the horror drama based on Shirley Jackson’s novella of the same name. In his interview with the Collider, he talked about his latest web series and his take on the ending of Game of Thrones and how it changed his life.

First of all, upon being asked how Game of Thrones has been a life changer in his career, Huisman replied:

“Yeah, it’s true. Because when I signed on, I hadn’t even watched the show. I knew that it was a thing, but I had no idea that it was going to be or that it was already such a big thing, and I had no idea that it would have such an impact on my career and the opportunities after that show.”

Seeing the tight security on the sets of Game of Thrones and even the kind of secrecy maintained with the script, nobody knows if Huisman will be returning for the end-game or not. And, he laughs and replies, “I’m not allowed to say.” When asked how he wants the series to end, Huisman replied:

‘Yeah. For the longest of time, I thought it was going to be one of the sisters, one of the Starks that was going to be on the throne, that was going to end up on the iron throne…I don’t know if that’s still … Maybe it’s going to be Daenerys, I don’t know. That also seems a little obvious so, yeah.”

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It seems that Daario is himself confused with his loyalty and belief in his queen. Still, I would love to see him back for the final season and making it till the end. What were your thoughts on Huisman’s take on the ending? Talk to us in the comments.

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