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Game of Thrones first official Teaser ‘Dragonstone’: Here are the 6 key takeaways



game-of-thrones-first-official-teaser-e28098dragonstonee28099-here-are-the-6-key-takeaways-2-6692090 December 7th, 2:27pm December 7th, 2:27pm Abhinav Pathak22, Game of Thrones geek, Passionate Fiction Writer and the author of ‘Gopalkant’s Wife’.

Game of Thrones is giving us a number of surprises this holiday season – many teasers and promos to look forward to! First a 3-second-long footage from the new season, then the first image of Jon Snow and Daenerys on the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s new edition along with a cover story, and lately the official month of airing.

Now, a fresh teaser from Game of Thrones named ‘Dragonstone’ has dropped. But before we break it down, first bide your time and watch it if you haven’t already done that.

The teaser is much like the ‘Long Walk’ teaser from the seventh season, where we saw the three key players remaining for the final battle – Jon, Dany, and Cersei awaiting to face the ultimate threat of the others.  Now, here are the 6 key details and takeaways from the new teaser that you might have missed:

#1. Painted Table at Dragonstone

The teaser kicks off on the Painted Table of Dragonstone – where Dany and her confidants revolved around throughout the seventh season. And, of course, ‘Dragonstone’ was in prime focus in the teaser where we saw Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen chess pieces facing their respective threats.

#2. The Dragon, the Wolf, and the Lion

Up next, we see cold winds rising from the North and engulfing a direwolf chess piece – representing House Stark, followed by a dragon chess piece – representing House Targaryen.  And, if look closely you can also see an unsullied chess piece in the background.

It’s safe to believe that the frozen dragon represents the Ice Dragon – Viserion. And, if you believe that the Night King is bringing a lot in his army this season, can we expect the direwolf too – who died beyond the Wall? Or in other words Bran’s deceased direwolf – Summer alongside much more deadly ‘undead’ creatures.  I mean, how heartbreaking that would be!

Next, we see the Lion chess piece which represents House Lannister – the seat of power down south in King’s Landing. But, the cold winds can’t even touch it and it is instead trapped in the fire. What does this truly mean?

#3. The Final Battle at King’s Landing

Well, it has been previously teased a lot that the final battle is going to go down at King’s Landing. We all know that there are a thousand miles between the North and King’s Landing which is down south. And if Cersei Lannister is the true human antagonist, the Great Battle holds much more importance at this point in time. Maybe, it will be the Night King who eventually ends Cersei’s tyranny or maybe the combined forces of Jon and Dany, yet King’s Landing will witness the ultimate showdown.

#4. The Wall of Dragonglass

Jon had said in the previous season: ‘dragonglass is more valuable than gold’ and we have already seen that it can kill the White Walkers. And with the need of more application of this material in the final battle, we can assume that it will widely be the focus in Season 8 but what utility does a wall of dragonglass hold – maybe, keeping the others away?

#5. Ice and Fire collide near the Trident

If you observe closely, you can see the ultimate battle happening near the Trident River – where ice and fire collide. And yes, this was the place where the Battle of Trident – the conclusion of Robert’s Rebellion took place and this was the place where Rhaegar Targaryen was killed. We’re definitely up for seeing unseen parts of Westeros like Casterly Rock and Highgarden in the last season.

#6. Room for more

It seems that HBO is adopting the same marketing strategy that it used for the Sixth Season – banners teaser from the major houses of Stark, Targaryen, and Lannister. And, we’ve already seen the first teaser named ‘Dragonstone’. If this is to be believed, we can soon expect two more teasers named ‘Winterfell’ and ‘King’s Landing’ by the end of this month. Also, this gives us hope for an actual trailer, footage, and the official date of the airing of the final season by January 2019.

What were your thoughts on the first official teaser of Game of Thrones? Did we miss any other crucial detail? Tell us in the comments.

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