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Matt LeBlanc made an inappropriate comment about Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke at the Emmys

Game of Thrones has mere mortal fans like us, and it also has fans in some really famous actors of the world. And even though some of them might not be crazy fans, but they’ve surely heard about the phenomenal show that is Game of Thrones. After breaking a record of winning awards at the Emmys this year, the HBO fantasy drama won a lot of hearts as well. Since the show is so famous, one famous actor Matt LeBlanc, whom we know from the hit 90s sitcom Friends, was asked about whether he is a fan of Game of Thrones.

Before answering, Matt spotted actress Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), at the Red Carpet, and said something that has caused a bit of a stir among fans everywhere. Here’s what he said:

“You know, that is kinda what this whole thing was about, yeah, I saw the first season and I kinda fell out of touch with it, so… and I guess that’s when she started getting naked, so yeah, I need to catch up.”

Matt had met Emilia once during one of their appearances at the Graham Norton Show, where Emilia had gushed like a fangirl on being around Matt, and expressed how much she loved him. Matt had said that he had only seen the first season of Game of Thrones back then, and although his answer at the Emmys was similar, the inappropriate addition to it surely made a lot of people feel uncomfortable, even if it were a joke. We wonder what Emilia feels about this now.

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