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Game of Thrones history summarised in 50 sentences



Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones upto season 6. The world in A Song of Ice and Fire has a vastly rich history. Both Westeros and Essos have had their share of significant events and wars which lead us to the current state in the TV Series.

This is my attempt to embrace brevity and compress this huge timeline of brutal killings, spectacular wars, shrewd tactics, political geniuses and magnificent victories into ~ 50 sentences. I will be abstracting away many details and events to show you the bird’s eye view of the history of Game of Thrones.

Ready?, here we go…

  1. Children of the forest, who carved faces into Weirwood trees, were the original inhabitants of Westeros.
  2. The First Men invade Westeros, coming from Essos via the Arm of Dorne which connected both at that point.
  3. Many wars take place between Children and the First Men, the Children create White Walkers to protect themselves from First Men.
  4. First Men make a peace pact with Children, start worshipping old gods of the forest.
  5. After many years, the great winter comes down from north, along with white walkers who are out of control now, causing heavy destruction and loss of life to both Children and the First Men.
  6. Children and First Men defeat White Walkers unitedly, with some legends saying they were led by a figure called Azor Ahai, who forged a powerful sword from his loving wife’s blood to defeat white walkers. (According to a prophecy which Melisandre believes in, he is reborn as The Price That Was Promised)
  7. Brandon Stark raises The Wall and starts Night’s Watch to protect from such a threat in future.
  8. Some First Men tribes who were trapped north of the wall during its construction become The Wildlings.
  9. The Andals come from Essos and invade most of Westeros to the south of the neck, killing remaining Children of the forest in the process and bringing the Faith of the Seven.
  10. First Men and Andals make peace, intermarry and Andal family comes to rule in Vale. The Vale of the Arryns.
  11. The Valyrians find dragons in a volcano called Fourteen Fires who they learn to tame and use to expand their influence.
  12. Valyrian empire begins expanding, defeating the old Ghiscari empire and taking their cities such as Astapor, Yunkai and Meereen.
  13. Valyrian expansion brings them into conflict with inhabitants of Rhoynish people whose Queen Nymeria flees to Dorne, marries into Martells, and helps unify Dorne under the Martells.
  14. Some Valyrian slaves manage to escape to northwestern corner of Essos, settle there, and find the secret city of Braavos.
  15. Stormlands successfully conquer Riverlands, forming House Frey and create a bridge and castle complex at Trident, called The Twins.
  16. Continued Valyrian expansion takes them west across narrow sea to Dragonstone, where Targaryen family takes control. (Apparently, someone in Targaryen family had a vision that Valyria is going to be doomed.)
  17. Doom! The Volcano where dragons were found erupts so violently that almost all of Valyria melts and disappears, including dragons, leaving behind the Smoky Ruins of Valyria.
  18. The free cities and Slaver’s bay cities which Valyrians had conquered start becoming independent through a set of bloody wars.
  19. House Hoare of Iron Island conquers the territory of Riverlands where Harren Hoare constructs a big, big, big, formidable and impenetrable castle called Harrenhal, gaining the wrath of enslaved local Riverlanders in turn.
  20. Aegon Targaryen (Aegon the Conqueror) lands on Westeros with 3 dragons and his sister-wives -Rhaenys and Visenya- and builds a palace called Red Keep, later known as Kings’ Landing. Aegon’s Conquest begins..
  21. Harren Hoare and his entire lineage is burned alive in Harrenhal by Aegon and his dragons who then makes Tullys the lords of Riverlands because of their support.
  22. Aegon’s half-brother Orys Baratheon along with Rhaenys marches south and defeats Argilac Durrandon of Stormlands. Aegon names Orys the lord of stormlands, House Baratheon is born.
  23. The Targaryen army combines their strength and goes south to face the alliance of Gardeners of the Reach and Lannisters where all 3 dragons go on rampage, killing thousands men and extinguishing house Gardener.
  24. Lannisters surrender to Aegon and hence, get to keep their rule at Westerlands while House Tyrell are the new overlords of Reach.
  25. The Starks in the north Arryns of Vale surrender without any fight, so Aegon lets them continue ruling their regions.
  26. Aegon couldn’t conquer Dorne because of their guerrilla warfare and refusal to battle openly, deciding to let them be independent for now.
  27. Aegon gathers the swords of his defeated enemies and uses dragon’s fire to forge then into the Iron Throne.
  28. First major civil war after Aegon’s Conquest, called Dance of Dragons breaks out because of disputes over successors in Targaryen line. Most of the Dragons are killed in this war, and the few surviving ones die eventually.
  29. Brynden Rivers, who was Hand of the King to Aerys I Targaryen and helped thwart away a couple of rebellions is exiled to the Wall. Brynden later goes on to become “The Three Eyed Raven”.
  30. A rebellion erupts, called the war of Ninepenny kings, where rebels are eventually killed and two knights from winning side come to fame —Ser Barristan Selmy and Ser Brynden “Blackfish” Tully. Tywin Lannister also combats in this war and gets some distinction.
  31. During this war, Brynden’s brother Hoster Tully makes acquaintance with a Baelish lord and accepts his son Petyr Baelish as a ward in Riverrun.
  32. Young Tywin Lannister puts down a local Reyne Rebellion to restore Lannister dominance on Westerlands, singlehandedly builds fortune and wealth of his house, eventually earning him the Hand of the King post with Aerys II Targaryen (later known as the Mad King).
  33. Tywin’s wife Joanna dies giving birth to a dwarf child called Tyrion.
  34. Aerys II Targaryen starts getting paranoid over talks that Tywin is better ruler than him, marries his son Rhaegar to Elia Martell of Dorne instead of Cersei.
  35. Aerys slips into insanity and madness through various events and he starts burning people live.
  36. Prince Rhaegar wins a tournament at Harrenhal, and names Lyanna Stark as Queen of beauty rather than his own wife Elia Martell.
  37. Rhaegar kidnaps Lyanna and disappears, so, Lyanna’s brother Brandon rides to King’s Landing and demands justice, but Aerys brutally kills him and his father Rickard Stark.
  38. In response to this, Eddard Stark, Robert Baratheon and their mentor Jon Arryn raise banners against Aerys. Hoster Tully joins in exchange for marriage of his daughter Catelyn to Eddard.
  39. All the rebel forces gather at Trident, while Robert’s brother Stannis is guarding the Storm’s end, besieged by Mace Tyrell who is loyal to the king.
  40. During this siege, Stannis and his men run out of food. Ser Daavos Seaworth comes for rescue, smuggling onions inside Storm’s End for Stannis’ men who were starving. Hence the name “Onion Knight”.
  41. Prince Rhaegar comes back to Kings Landing and rides his army towards rebel forces, keeping his special guards with Lyanna at the Tower of Joy, only to get defeated and killed by Robert Baratheon at Battle of Trident.
  42. Realizing loss is imminent, Aerys sends his young son Viserys and pregnant wife Rhaella to the safety of Dragonstone.
  43. Tywin Lannister’s army reaches King’s Landing before rebel forces, allegedly to defend the city, but they brutally sack the city instead. It is during this sacking that Ser Gregor Clegane performs atrocities on Elia Martell and her children.
  44. Aerys is killed by Jaime before he tries to ignite the wildfire under King’s Landing. “Kingslayer”.
  45. On Dragonstone, Queen Rhaella dies giving birth to a girl while there is a violent storm raging outside. “Danaerys Stormborn”.
  46. When they realized rebel forces will arrive at Dragonstone soon, few left Targaryen loyalists smuggle Viserys and Danaerys to the safety of a free city in Essos.
  47. Robert is proclaimed the king due to blood relationship with Targaryens, and marries Cersei to shore up alliance.
  48. Eddard comes back to the Winterfell to meet his first child with Catelyn, Robb. However, he has brought an alleged bastard child as well…
  49. Balon Greyjoy attempts a rebellion to secede from the rest of the realm, but is defeated by the King’s forces led by Ser Jorah Mormont, forcing Balon to surrender and offer his only living son, Theon as hostage and ward to Winterfell.
  50. His extremely miserable personal life forces Jorah into exile on Essos where he ultimately meets Danaerys, but he leaves behind his Valyrian steel sword Longclaw.

I know this was a little over 50 sentences but I have already omitted so many important details. If you’re interested in learning more, visit the links below.

References :

  1. (An excellent blog on history of Game of Thrones)

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Turns out The Simpsons predicted the fate of King's Landing two years ago




Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 5, “The Bells” embraced a big character arc for one of its biggest characters. Daenerys Targaryen became the Mad Queen, and unleashed fury on Cersei Lannister and her capital, King’s Landing. It turns out that The Simpsons actually predicted it a while ago. Read on.

In “The Bells” we saw Daenerys spare no mercy for the arguably morally dirty city of King’s Landing. Even after the city surrendered, and the bells were rung, Daenerys went on a rampage to burn them all. Turns out, the loved animated sitcom, which is also famous for predicting just all kinds of events, also predicted the fate of King’s Landing, back in 2017.

In the first episode of The Simpsons Season 29, which was titled The Serfsons, we saw The Simpsons set in an alternate reality that was pretty much a parody of Game of Thrones. There are White Walkers, magic necklaces, and of course, dragons. The trope is that in the end, we see the Simpsons look, as the dragon burns the city to the ground. Very much like Drogon razed King’s Landing to the ground.

Check out the clips in this video montage:

What do you guys think? Is there anything The Simpsons cannot predict? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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The teaser trailer to Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is finally here! As we reported earlier, the teaser trailer was supposed to drop within the next two weeks, and hence the prediction checks out. The full trailer might be here right before Christmas, but for the moment let’s enjoy the epicness of the teaser trailer launched by HBO Max earlier this week.

The teaser was released by HBO at the end of the HBO Max European launch event and it features a voiceover by Matt Smith who plays the role of Prince Daemon Targaryen. It broke the internet as soon as it was released, and fans are going crazy over the accuracy and detail shown in the teaser. It was watched by over 10 million viewers in less than three days of its launch!

It’s amazing how fans are so excited about the upcoming prequel, despite being divided over the controversial ending to Game of Thrones. Hopefully, House of The Dragon will live up to the hype, and fans will get to watch an amazing series that’ll be even better than the original one.

What do you think of the teaser trailer? Talk to us in the comments below!

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Filming for Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is moving rather swiftly, and we might see George R. R. Martin’s prediction about the series’ release come to fruition. Various cast and crew members have been spotted by locals and reporters quite recently, despite HBO’s best efforts to keep the filming under the veil. The cast and the crew were spotted in Aldershot, and locals are leaking out quite a few details about the set.

House Strong sigil #HouseOfTheDragon 🔥🐉

— rhaenyra (@RhaenyraDelight) September 30, 2021

In the most recent leaks from the set in Aldershot, fans have spotted a carriage bearing the sigil of House Strong. House Strong was already confirmed by HBO earlier last month when HBO released information about new additions to the cast, which included Ser Harwin ‘Breakbones’ Strong played by Ryan Corr, Larys Strong played by Matthew Needham, and Lord Lyonel Strong played by Gavin Spokes.

Are you excited to see House Strong on House of The Dragon? Talk to us in the comments below!

You can also join our newly created Telegram group to talk about the show/books and interact with other fans.

Also, if you live in any of the places where House of the Dragon is currently filming or will be filming in the future, and would like to share photos of the sets/cast or any tips, drop us a mail at connect [at] wikiofthrones [dot] com or use our Contact Us form.


A few months ago, Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco filed a federal lawsuit against Marilyn Manson accusing him of rape and other acts of sexual violence. Marilyn Manson’s lawyers have denied all claims and said all the stories were forged by the actress. Recently, the court has denied the dismissal request put forward by Manson’s lawyers, meaning Bianco can move forward with the case.

Judge Fernando L. Aenlle-Rocha of the U.S. District Court of California denied Manson’s attempt to have Bianco’s claims dismissed based on the statute of limitations, court documents revealed Thursday. Manson has 14 days to respond to each of Bianco’s claims.


A reasonable jury could find that the effects of Warner’s alleged unconscionable acts, including the perceived threat to Plaintiff’s safety, immigration status, and career, persisted years after her last contact with Warner,” Aenlle-Rocha wrote in his court address.

Bianco first came forward on Feb. 10, as more than a dozen other women also made allegations against Manson. The lawsuit lays out Bianco’s allegations in similarly shocking detail. She alleges that Manson — whose legal name is Brian Warner — raped her in May 2011. Bianco also alleges that he repeatedly used drugs, force and threats to coerce her into other sexual acts. She accuses him of spanking, biting, cutting and whipping her without her consent during sex acts.

What do you think of the case? Talk to us in the comments below!

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New House of The Dragon leaks might be showing the first look at Daemon Targaryen’s first wife




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is moving fast with its production, and we can expect a spring release in 2022. Most of the main characters have been cast, and HBO has officially declared who’s playing who in the much-awaited prequel. With set pictures leaking quite often on the internet, the fans are getting a glimpse of more cast members in action. Recently, another rather unknown member of the House of The Dragon cast came into the limelight, via a leaked picture from the Aldershot set posted by Portal House of The Dragon Brasil.

⚠| Quem será que são esses personagens? 👀#HouseOfTheDragon

— Portal House of the Dragon Brasil (@PortalHOTD) September 28, 2021

One of the most common theories about the cast member in question is that she’s playing Prince Daemon Targaryen’s first wife Rhea Royce. This is how the character’s wiki describes her:

In 97 AC, Queen Alysanne Targaryen wed her grandson, Prince Daemon Targaryen, to Lady Rhea Royce, the heir to Runestone. Although the marriage was a fine, rich match, the marriage was not a success. Daemon found the Vale of Arryn little to his liking and grew bored. He soon developed a dislike for his wife, holding no love or affection toward Rhea, referring to her as his bronze bitch, a mocking reference to the ancient armour of the Royces. Rhea likewise had no love for Daemon, and they were soon estranged.”

Well, the armour certainly checks out, but other details about the character are currently under wraps. Who do you think the character from the recent leaks is? Tell us in the comments below!

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First Look at Daemon Targaryen’s fabled Valyrian steel sword Dark Sister from the set of House of The Dragon!





Filming for Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is moving very swiftly, as evident from the frequent leaks we’re witnessing with every passing day. Though HBO has been mum about revealing any more info about the show, these periodic leaks are causing waves of excitement amongst the fans. Recently, a few more pictures from the production set were leaked. And we finally have a first look at Daemon Targaryen’s fabled Valyrian Steel sword the Dark Sister.


In one of the photos, Matt Smith, who’s playing Daemon Targaryen on the show, can be seen walking on the beach, his platinum blonde wig blowing in the wind as he rests one of his hands on his belt buckle while carrying his sword behind him.


Another image shows him in what looks like a melancholy state, kneeling in the sea with his shoulders hunched and his head bowed down as his sword stands upright in the sand.


The last of the photos show him lying on the sand, while Dark Sister is still stuck in the sand while Matt talks to a crew member.


This might be a soul-searching moment for Daemon Targaryen, since no other cast members are seen around him as he takes a stroll along the beach.

What do you think of the design of Dark Sister? Talk to us in the comments below!


Filming for Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is moving very swiftly, as evident from the frequent leaks we’re witnessing with every passing day. Though HBO has been mum about revealing any more info about the show, these periodic leaks are causing waves of excitement amongst the fans, as they’re left wondering and speculating who’s who in the new set pictures. Fans have been wondering for a while about some of the key characters that have not been announced yet. Recently, a few more pictures were leaked, depicting a scene being filmed involving a young Rhaenyra Targaryen and Laenor Velaryon.


We already know actress Milly Alcock is playing the younger version of Rhaenyra, as it was announced officially a while ago. However, this is the first time anyone has ever seen Laenor Velaryon in action, played by actor Theo Nate. Nate is a budding actor whose acting credits include Time (2021), a show starring Sean Bean.


Rhaenyra and Laenor were married at a young age, so the leaked pictures that have been circulating on the internet must be from around that time. Also, Laenor dies young in the books, after the couple have their children. So maybe Rhaenyra is seeing him off for the last time at the beach?

What are your speculations about the scene being filmed? Talk to us in the comments below!


It has recently been confirmed that the production for Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon has returned to Cornwall. Several photos of the shoot were leaked recently, which included what looked like a huge huge battle sequence as well as the first look at Rhaenys Velaryon, Laenor Velaryon and a young Rhaenyra Targaryen. Fans of the fantasy epic might be psyched, but the neighbours to the show’s production site not so much.


A holiday park in Cornwall has complained that nearby filming for the Game Of Thrones spin-off House Of The Dragon has driven away their guests. The owners of The Meadow Holiday Park, who are neighbours to the show’s production site, have now said that they have lost business on account of the noise from production, which took place between 5 am and 10 pm.

Every time the National Trust rent out their car park for a lot of money we get disturbed,” owner Krys Humphrey explained to Cornwall Live. “The car park is quite big and they could easily put the generators and lorries on the far side of the car park which would make things better.”


She continued, “They are located next to the riverbank which is just a couple of metres from our holiday homes. We have asked them to move the generators but they say they can’t. The National Trust won’t reply to anything.”

Humphrey added that the House of The Dragon production team has offered to distribute gift baskets to those impacted by the noise, but that this will not suffice. “We have been told that it could continue for another three weeks,” she said, “I have some guests booked in who have a baby and others with a lady who is 94. It’s not fair.”

What do you think about the issue? Talk to us in the comments below!


The production for Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is moving rather swiftly, and we might see George R. R. Martin’s prediction about the series’ release come to fruition. Various cast and crew members have been spotted by locals and reporters quite recently, despite HBO’s best efforts to keep the filming under the veil. The cast and the crew have returned to Holywell beach, but this time, the scale of production seems to be much more massive, covering a lot more ground than previous leaks, as reported by Cornwall Live.


The large scale filming and the shots that were being prepared looked as if they were preparing for a big battle sequence. Two boats followed by lines of smoke set the backdrop at Holywell Bay near Newquay. Well, where there’s smoke there’s fire, and fans can hope it is from the dragons we are so excited to see in the Game of Thrones prequel.


Marshals wearing high-vis jackets and facemasks lead cast members across the desert-like sands at Holywell Bay. Not much can be seen considering the distance, but the actors wearing turbans and yellowish attire seem to be from Dorne. There are also some Targaryen soldiers on the set, possibly from Rhaenyra’s section.





A huge part of the beach was shut off to locals, though they still flocked around the scene trying to get a first-hand glimpse of the shoot.



An unidentified Targaryen soldier was also seen gazing at the sea in a scene being shot on what appears to be a hilltop, possibly trying to encompass the scale of destruction of the battle. There are also some props resembling shipwrecks, that also point towards the theory.




Which important battle sequence from the Dance of the Dragons is being filmed here? Tell us in the comments below!

Also, if you live in any of the places where House of the Dragon is currently filming or will be filming in the future, and would like to share photos of the sets/cast or any tips, drop us a mail at connect [at] wikiofthrones [dot] com or use our Contact Us form.

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