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Maisie Williams-starrer dark fairytale short film ‘Corvidae’ is now streaming on YouTube




An artist’s popularity increases with their degree of versatility. The hit television series Game of Thrones has given rise to some of the best actors in the business, some of whom have gone on to play significant roles in major studio productions like the MCU and the DCEU. Williams is definitely one of them, and the actor is exploring wildly different characters. Did you know she has also appeared in a horror short film written by a writer from the Hannibal TV series?

What is ‘Corvidae’ about?

‘Corvidae’, starring Maisie Williams (‘Game of Thrones’), is a short, silent pastoral horror film written and directed by Tom de Ville, who has previously worked on the wildly popular thriller Hannibal. Corvidae is a dark fairy tale about a young girl who loves birds, and the very strange thing that happens when she tries to protect a wounded crow from the boys in her village. Rooted in the tradition of pastoral horror it is a short, silent film.

Where can you watch ‘Corvidae’?

5 years after its completion, de Ville made recently the horror short public and posted the full short on YouTube. You can watch it right here:


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