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Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant once turned down a role in Game of Thrones




Game of Thrones is one of the biggest shows of the 21st century, and even though the show’s ending didn’t please all its fans, the cast and the amazing cinematography stand tall as one of the best to have ever been on a TV show. There’s a reason why so many great actors wanted to be a part of the show, the list includes MCU’s Elizabeth OlsenStranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown, and quite surprisingly, Led Zeppelin icon Robert Plant.

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During an interview this week for Apple Music 1, Plant revealed that he was offered a role in Game of Thrones. “I don’t want to get typecast,” the musician joked about his reasoning for declining the part.

He continued, “I started that s— — go back to ‘Immigrant Song’ and Led Zeppelin being part of cultural exchange in Iceland with the Icelandic government. So they didn’t know what they’d invited onto their little island.”

“I love Western European history from maybe the Bronze Age up through all the old religion … when we were really in touch with our Earth. The Viking thing, the whole idea of playing in Iceland and experiencing this landscape and people. Yeah, I’ve got a lot to answer for, because I’ve never seen so many bands with double-bladed axes.”

He doesn’t remember what role he was offered, but he recalled, “I got to ride a horse and go [lifts head].”

What role do you think the singer would have played in Game of Thrones? Would it have been a better cameo than Ed Sheeran’s? Talk to us in the comments below!


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