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Game of Thrones’ make-up effects artist teases what we can expect from House of the Dragon




The Night King from Game of Thrones is one of the most iconic villains in pop culture. Even though he terrified the viewers for a decade all through the 8 seasons, his anticlimactic death without causing any significant destruction disappointed a lot of fans. However, the design of the character was amazing, and the makeup artists did a perfect job of making him look menacing on-screen. Hence, it should come as no surprise when another iconic villain-in-the-making from Stranger Things took inspiration from Night King’s design, to create the same horrifying effect.

Stranger Things Season 4’s new big bad Vecna is the creation of BGFX, the prosthetic makeup company headed by Barrie Gower, who had previously won three Emmys for Game of Thrones. Gower was responsible for the design and makeup of The Night King, and is also working on the prequel House of The Dragon. In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Gower revealed what we can expect from the upcoming spinoff:


“We finished on the first season of House of the Dragon in January. So we were involved in the first series of that. And we have several characters to do on that. I think… again, we can’t really say an awful lot about it, but I think the one thing we can say is that, going into it, it’s obviously a completely different story to Game of Thrones – it’s however many years before.”

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He also went on to praise the script, “The scripts are incredible. They’re really incredible. And it’s going to be very exciting to see how that’s received. But it’s really well-written, and there are some fantastic stories in there. That’s all I can say, really, about that.”

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