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Kit Harington talks about encountering people who believe Game of Thrones is actually history


Game of Thrones is undoubtedly one of the biggest shows to ever grace the television screens. The series is easily recognizable as a pop culture icon, whose fandom transcends geological boundaries. The TV show was based on George R. R. Martin’s famous novel series A Song of Fire and Ice, which in turn was heavily inspired by medieval history. This often leads some people into believing that Game of Thrones wasn’t a fantasy story, rather real history itself. And Game of Thrones alum Kit Harington has met a few of them himself.

The conversation arose in an interview with PTI, where Harington was present for the promotion of Amazon’s Modern Love Season 2. He mentioned a Game of Thrones joke in the script that attracted his attention towards the show.


In a scene, Harington’s Michael is seen discussing his love life with his brother Declan, played by a moustachioed Jack Reynor.

During their conversation, Declan asks Michael about Paula and what she does. He replies that she is studying Medievalism to which Declan quips, “Like ‘Game of Thrones’?’, leaving his brother with a puzzled look on his face.

In reality, Harington said he has come across people who believe that Game of Thrones, based on author George R. R. Martin’s book series, is actually history.

I’ve met people who have said to me, ‘You know, I don’t know much about that ‘Game of Thrones’ stuff. I’ve never been much of a history buff.’

And I was like, ‘Really? I’m not sure you have to be’,” the actor said.

Have you ever met any such people who mistake Game of Thrones for actual history? Tell us in the comments below!


Game of Thrones was a beautiful journey for the cast and the fans alike. It was a show like no other, breaking records and gaining unprecedented popularity. The cast made lifelong relationships with each other. Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke may have played a couple on-screen for a little time on Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen, they have been great friends behind-the-screens in real life. So we can understand their over-the-top celebration when they finally reunited after a long and busy schedule.

Both Emilia and Jason have been quite busy recently, Emilia with writing her new comic book, and Jason with his new projects such as See Season 2 and the upcoming Aquaman sequel. They were delighted to see each other when they met at Game of Thrones co-showrunner David Benioff’s birthday bash, as evident from the picture below.

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The 34-year-old actress told PEOPLE Magazine that Momoa, 42, got attendees “as drunk as humanly possible” — and she savoured every single drop. “I mean, I’ve never tried so many different whiskeys in my entire life. There were a couple that was really nice, and there were a couple that was paint stripper, and I literally was like, ‘Yeah I’m gonna down you, get hair on your chest.’ It was funny.”

When Jay’s in town, you know it’s going down,” she remembered. “He walks into the room and you’re just like, ‘My man.’ It’s almost like a test, every time he sees [me] he’s like, ‘Can I still throw you around the room? Yeah I can.’”

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Pregnancy is one of the toughest periods for women. It changes their lives in a way men can’t understand. Especially for single working moms, it gets extremely horrendous. Game of Thrones and Ted Lasso star Hannah Waddingham juggled both her work and parenting quite perfectly, but even she had her embarrassing moments. While filming the famous ‘Walk of Shame‘ scene on Game of Thrones, she could hear her 8-week old daughter cry from behind the set, and she feared she might lactate during the shoot.

Waddingham told The White Wine podcast, “So my daughter was eight weeks old when I went out there with my friend and had the really embarrassing moment of being in my wimple and nun’s habit. And I could hear my daughter crying, like, offstage, behind the building for that first part of the walk of shame.”


And I thought, oh my god, I’m going to start lactating through my [clothes]… but thankfully not!”

Waddingham also opened up about the experience of being waterboarded as part of the role on Game of Thrones.

She said, “I was at David Benioff’s birthday, and we were all discussing that because recently, it’s been spoken about in the press that I said that I was waterboarded for 10 hours and it was the worst day of my life other than childbirth.

What I actually said was, it was next to childbirth, but I would 100% do it again. Because you know that they’re not actually going to kill you.”

What do you think about Waddingham’s resilience? Talk to us in the comments below!


Game of Thrones is undisputedly the biggest TV show of the 21st century. There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of the fantasy epic. The show witnessed unprecedented levels of viewership and popularity, so we can easily assume that majority of the people on this planet must have watched the series at some point. Well, there are a few who claim to have never watched Game of Thrones, and the show’s alum Jason Momoa’s Sweet Girl co-star Isabela Merced is one of them.

When speaking with the AP about their new Netflix film, Sweet Girl, Momoa and his young co-star, Isabela Merced, were asked about their first meeting and how they hit it off. After he noted that they’re very similar in their styles, Merced admitted to her ignorance of his Game of Thrones time.


She said, “I hadn’t watched a single episode of Game of Thrones. I still haven’t. And I’m so sorry.”

It is not the first time Momoa has heard that. In fact, he had a quite funny response ready at hand.

He said, “Don’t watch it. That’s not how you want to see your father.”

Momoa’s response shows why he is known as one of the most down to earth celebrities in Hollywood. How do you respond when someone tells you they haven’t watched Game of Thrones yet? Talk to us in the comments below!