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Kit Harington says Rose Leslie didn’t talk to him for days after he revealed Game Of Thrones Season 8 ending



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game-of-thrones-jon-snow-ygritte-3337876 February 12th, 1:29am February 12th, 1:29am Abhinav PathakFiction Writer and Editor Based In Bangalore | Author of ‘Gopalkant’s Wife’

While we await the new season of Game of Thrones which is around just 2 months away, new interviews of the cast members have started surfacing. After, the first promotional photos a lot of us have our bets on the characters we love and expect for the full-length trailer to drop soon.

Talking about interviews, Kit Harington recently had an interview with the Digital Spy where he talked about the final season and his wife Rose Leslie’s reaction to him spoiling the end-game for her.

Firstly, talking about the new season, Kit said that it will be ‘groundbreaking’ for the fans. He said:

“It’s quite nice walking around, which will only happen for a few months before everyone’s seen it, knowing. I know and no-one else does. I know how it wraps up. Yeah, I think it’s gonna be groundbreaking.”


However, Kit didn’t like being asked if he was happy with the ending of the series. He replied:

“It’s a weird one to answer, that. I can’t really answer whether I’m happy or not.

“I don’t think it’s about happy or sad really. I’m satisfied with what they did, but I don’t know whether I’ll be really satisfied until I see it.”

Finally, the fun part where Kit revealed that his wife Rose Leslie. She was too mad at him and didn’t talk to him for days. But as Kit said, Rose had actually asked him the ending. He said:

“I told my wife last year how it ended, and she wouldn’t talk to me for about three days…And she’d asked!”

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So what was your reaction to Kit Harington’s recent interview? Tell us in the comments.

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