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King Aegon II’s Army marches to battle in new House of the Dragon leaks



House of the Dragon tells the story of how a once-great dynasty became the cause of its own demise. The Targaryens, who conquered Westeros with their dragons, eventually turned on their own people, reducing the Targaryen and Dragon population to less than half of its original size. There will be many battles between the two Targaryen groups, and it looks like one of them is being filmed in Surrey.

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Aegon’s cavalry on the move

Quite recently, a clip featuring Fabien Frankel’s Criston Cole showed his character commanding the Green forces and encouraging them with a speech on King Aegon II’s arrival. A few more pictures and clips have been leaked which show the company on the move.


Close-up of battle sequences

A flurry of leaks consisting of several clips has been leaked from the set of House of the Dragon in Bourne Woods, thanks to the efforts of UnBoxPHD. Most of them show the two armies preparing to battle, some others show the soldiers cowering and falling down after being attacked.

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