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Joseph Quinn talks about fulfilling his dream of becoming a Rockstar in Stranger Things 4




Game of Thrones had several spectacular and memorable scenes in its entire run of eight seasons. Even though actor Joseph Quinn had a minor role in Martin’s epic fantasy, his immense talent made sure his voice would be heard all over the world one day and remembered for generations to come. And he did just that, with his character Eddie Munson in Stranger Things Season 4, filming the most epic and most metal scene in the entire series, and becoming a fan favorite in a single season.

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Quinn recalled filming the fantabulous scene on the Netflix Geeked interview, “Yeah, I remember reading it and thinking. Well, it was kinda confusing, because I was gutted that I was not gonna be able to come back and work with these people again. Because we had such a great time. But if there’s a way to go out, it is a pretty good one.”

“It kind of felt great. Kind of being on top of the thing with Gaten, and kinda getting into it. It was great fun. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to fulfill this kind of quite an adolescent fantasy of being a rockstar. Albeit, for like maybe just an afternoon. But it was great fun. I remember just finding it so fun. As a concept for them to come up with that is kind of… Yeah, I guess that’s what we were talking about earlier. The stakes are so high, and you feel them as an audience member, to have that kind of absurdity and that levity in it. Kind of really it makes for great viewing.”

Quinn also revealed he knew how to play the guitar and did most of the work jamming out Metallica’s Master of Puppets in Eddie’s last scene. Here’s a clip of him practicing his skills:

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