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John Bradley talks about Jon Snow's parentage, White Walkers, and more



Game of Thrones Season 7 finale was a stunner and it was filled with some really exciting scenes from the start till the end! Titled ‘The Dragon and the Wolf‘, a lot of things went down in the episode, and so did the Wall, literally and the show finally revealed Jon Snow’s name. We also saw Samwell Tarly arrive at Winterfell, and have a candid chat with Bran Stark. John Bradley, who plays the role of Samwell Tarly on the show, recently spoke to The New York Times about that finale. Read on?

Speaking about his interaction with Bran a.k.a. The Three Eyed Raven, John said :

“Even the Three-Eyed Raven has gaps in his knowledge. And if someone has gaps in their knowledge, Sam is very, very keen to fill them. The thing about Sam is that he’s always been wrapped up in his own head. He’s been so isolated and felt like such an outsider for so long that he’s just constantly living introspectively. I think Sam is the kind of person who can absorb information rather efficiently. He can almost absorb the information by osmosis, almost subconsciously. His brain is never completely closed.”


John thinks that Sam should be the one to deliver the news to Jon about his true parentage, and that it would be lovely if Sam started calling Jon ‘Egg’, :

“Calling him Egg, that would be a really nice circular continuation of the relationship between Sam and Jon and Maester Aemon. We learned during Maester Aemon’s death scene that he called his brother Aegon Egg. Maester Aemon had an Egg in his life, and now Sam has one as well. But all of this definitely does change Jon and Sam’s relationship, because the man Sam thought Jon was, in terms of what he represented in the world, that’s all changed. Jon is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, and that’s bound to change the way [Sam] perceives him and the future of the Seven Kingdoms. And that could affect Sam’s future as well, in a more positive way than he could anticipate.”

He also commented on the theory which says that A Song of Ice and Fire is actually a story that Samwell is telling , saying that there’s a chance that Jon is shown to be such a hero because Sam is telling the story from his perspective. John talked about how we don’t consider that the White Walkers might have a motive that is not just world domination and destruction for the sake of it :

“We’re told that all the time about certain groups of people — these people want this, these people want that — and that’s only half the story. If the White Walkers are human beings of a sort, then they do want something. They are fighting with a moral compass that just might be slightly different than ours. It’s not that they don’t have morality, it just might be different than ours. Their priorities are different. So if they are people with morals, and heart, and families and causes to fight for, other than a nihilistic destruction of everything that’s been in the world, then that’s a different prospect.”

Lastly, he was asked whether the death of his father and brother would cause a rift between Sam and Jon. John didn’t seem to think so :

“When Sam went back home to Horn Hill, he reconnected with his younger self and his place in that family. He had carried around those psychological scars and what that family did to him as a child, and he didn’t feel like that person anymore. He broke free of it. He doesn’t see himself anymore as a Tarly. He doesn’t see himself anymore as a man of the Night’s Watch. He doesn’t see himself anymore as a maester-in-training at the Citadel. He’s not tied to anything anymore. And he certainly wouldn’t jeopardize anything between Jon and Dany because Sam knows what his father was like. I don’t think Sam would be too heartbroken over it, to be honest! [Laughs]”

What do you think about this interview? Looking forward to a Sam and Jon reunion? We definitely are! Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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