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Joe Dempsie says Gendry still thinks about Arya Stark



Game of Thrones Season 7 has been the season of character returns, and the biggest one was that of Gendry! After rowing for a long, long time, we finally saw what Gendry had been up to, working as a blacksmith, forging weapons for the Lannister forces. We saw Ser Davos offer him an escape, which he readily accepted, going back to Dragonstone. He then proceeded to become best buddies with Jon Snow, and offer to accompany him on his trip beyond the Wall. In HBO‘s Making Game of Thrones, Joe Dempsie, who plays the role of Gendry, talked about his return, rowing memes, and how Gendry still thinks about Arya Stark. Read on!

He spoke about how the showrunners had thought that they will return Gendry when the fans were starting to forget about him, but the exact opposite happened, and he ended up becoming a character that everybody was waiting to see again. Speaking of all the rowing jokes he has faced over the years, Joe said :

“It sort of became part of my everyday existence. I guess I have to accept some level of culpability for it. I tweeted “Still rowin” at the end of Season 4, and it just became way beyond my control. There’s a lot that the internet has to answer for, but it’s been brilliant. When I shot my first scenes on Season 7, I’d been on Irish soil for about 10 minutes and someone got a snap of me walking through the airport in Belfast. Within 24 hours, that picture had done the rounds and someone had managed to Photoshop me carrying an oar. I’ve really enjoyed playing along with it.”

He discussed the Gendry-Davos relationship :

“They’re two people who crossed paths at a time when they were extremely vulnerable. Obviously, Gendry needed rescuing back in Season 3, and Davos was a recently bereaved father. Plus they’re both from the same part of King’s Landing, and there’s a certain experience of being of low-born stock and then suddenly finding yourself caught up in the wars of people far more privileged than you. They both have something the other really craves; that deeper urge Gendry has for a positive male role model and father figure, and Davos pining for the son that he lost. All those elements combined make the bond really strong. I think all this time Gendry’s been keeping his head down and preparing for whatever it is he’s expecting to come, and I think it’s always been in the back of his mind that it’s Davos he wants to walk through that door.”

Joe also spoke about how Gendry has a deep respect for Jon Snow :

“Gendry is still somebody who, although he recently found out that he’s the son of a king, is still aware of his place within the hierarchy. Gendry really admires the position Jon has managed to rise to and that he’s a man of principal. There’s a deep respect there.”

Speaking of Gendry and Arya, Joe said :

“Over the course of the first three seasons, and probably in his life leading up to it, Gendry found himself to be very trusting of people — and sometimes the wrong people. The events of Season 3 have hardened him a little bit; made him a little less naïve. I think with that in mind, he’d love to see Arya again. He senses she’s a good soul. I wouldn’t say he’s pining, because you have to toughen up and accept there are people who are going to drift in and out of your life. I’m sure he thinks of her every now and again and wonders how she’s getting on, and whether she’s crossed more names off that list.”

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He also spoke about a few more things, including Gendry’s new bad-ass hammer, so go read the full interview, here. What do you think of this interview? Tell us in the comments, down below!

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