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Jerome Flynn talks about Lannister brothers and says Bronn isn't loyal to Jaime



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Game of Thrones fans were overjoyed after their favourite sellsword finally made an appearance in season 6. For the first half of the season there were no signs of Bronn and fans started wondering where he was and why wasn’t he introduced in the show. It took the show 7 episodes to bring him back and he was back to his usual self and had some wonderful lines. Jerome Flynn, who plays Bronn talked with The Hollywood Reporter about his season 6 role and also revealed what goes on in Bronn’s mind and his relationship with the Lannister brothers.

Currently Bronn and Jaime Lannister are at Riverrun, trying to win back the castle from the Blackfish but looking at the way things are progressing, it seems that Jaime will have a tough time taking control of Riverrun and in such a moment he can’t even trust Bronn completely. While talking about what Bronn might do, Flynn said, “As much as [Bronn] may enjoy hanging with Jaime a bit, it’s not because he loves him and wants to serve him. I get the feeling that Bronn could find himself in battle and switch if he needed to. If the stakes were right or wrong, he could switch. He is looking after his own back.

This isn’t good news for Jaime Lannister as he trusts Bronn a lot and he had good things to say about Bronn in the latest episode. We don’t know if such a thing will happen during the siege of Riverrun but if that happens, it will be worth seeing the look on Jaime’s face. However, he had good things to say about Tyrion Lannister. While talking about Tyrion Lannister, Flynn had the following to say:

I think he also saw something in Tyrion that he also admired, being a dwarf in that culture and kind of a strength of character and a humor in Tyrion that he recognized in himself. I think he felt a kinship with him. At least that’s the way we’ve played it and I’ve played it. There’s a fondness for him as well as an opportunity, but it’s not enough.

On being asked why Bronn was so in-demand with the Lannister brothers, he said, “I think they both quite like him, you know? He’s funny and manages to bring some lightness to the situation and doesn’t take things too seriously. And he is not a fool. They have respect for him because he doesn’t take shit from them.

Apart from Jaime and Tyrion Lannister Flynn also talked about the bonding between Bronn and Pod. We know that in the next episode Brienne and Pod will arrive at Riverrun and according to Flynn, Bronn would be happy to reconnect with Pod as it would remind him of the happy memories of the days which he spent with Tyrion and Pod.

Flynn also teased about what might happen in the next episode. “I think they’re serious. They’re willing to go far,” Flynn said but he also said, “I don’t think they’ll need to.”

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All we can do is to wait and watch what happens when the next episode airs this Sunday.

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