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Jacob Anderson opens up on why Grey Worm spoke so little on Game of Thrones




Game of Thrones stars have spread their wings and have made their mark in the film-making industry with their amazing talent. We can find them regularly appearing on other popular shows and films, providing the fans with a nostalgic and warm feeling from their time on Game of Thrones. Jacob Anderson, who played Grey Worm, was recently seen on Interview with The Vampire. He recently recalled his Game of Thrones days.

Why Grey Worm was so quiet

Anderson recently sat down to have a chat with Big Issue magazine, and reminisced, “There were lots of days on Game of Thrones where I was just stood there in my armor looking stoic, trying to keep as still as possible, and wasn’t necessarily a participant in every scene. But something I learned was that you don’t have to be speaking to be part of telling a story.


I learned how you can do a lot with your face and your body. Not to sound pretentious, but you have to be present, keep watching the scene, and stay part of it. You have to make yourself a participant.”

How Emilia Clarke inspired Jacob Anderson

He went on to praise his Game of Thrones co-star, “I also got to see Emilia Clarke and Peter Dinklage being joyful, brilliant people to be around in Game of Thrones. If there were days on Interview With The Vampire when I was really tired, it was good to remember that Emilia used to get up at four in the morning to have that wig put on and she would be a delightful human being all day.”

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