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Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) “never really felt” being on Game of Thrones was a “big deal”




With their incredible skill, Game of Thrones performers have spread their wings and made their mark on the filmmaking business. They are frequently seen in other famous series and films, providing fans with a nostalgic and pleasant feeling from their time on Game of Thrones. Jacob Anderson, who portrayed Grey Worm, was recently spotted on Interview with the Vampire. He recently reminisced about his Game of Thrones days.

How Game of Thrones was perceived by the actors

Game of Thrones was a worldwide phenomenon, and its characters became household names. But behind the scenes, the story was quite different. Anderson told NME, “The experience of making that show was so different to the way it was being perceived and metabolized by people who watched it. It was such a big deal, but it never really felt that way to me because the way we made the show felt quite small.”


Jacob Anderson initially didn’t want to act

Despite being a familiar face in the acting industry, Anderson initially wanted to opt out of it. He recalled, “Weirdly, I feel like I’ve been trying to escape performance for 20 years. I wanted to write and direct. I didn’t want to act – like, I didn’t really want to be looked at. I wanted to write songs and just do that. And I’ve ended up kind of doing the opposite.”

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