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Is Ewan Mitchell in The Last Kingdom?



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British actor Ewan Mitchell has garnered attention for portraying Prince Aemond Targaryen in House of the Dragon. However, Mitchell’s acting journey in medieval settings began with his notable role in The Last Kingdom.

In this series, he embodies a character pivotal to the story’s dynamics. Amidst a talented ensemble, Mitchell’s performance shines. The Last Kingdom unfolds against a backdrop of historic battles and political alliances in England’s past.

Fans of the show have recognized Mitchell’s contribution to its narrative. His involvement in The Last Kingdom has further solidified his reputation as a versatile actor. This article delves into Ewan Mitchell’s role in The Last Kingdom to provide insights into his impactful role in the acclaimed series.

Quick answer: Ewan Mitchell is in The Last Kingdom, and he plays the role of Osferth.

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What is the Last Kingdom?

the-last-kingdomCredits: BBC

The Last Kingdom is a TV series adapted from Bernard Cornwell’s book Saxon Stories. It chronicles the odyssey of Uhtred of Bebbanburg across five seasons. It tracks his evolution from a Saxon named “Uhtred of Northumbria” to “Uhtred Ragnarsson” under Viking upbringing.

Uhtred confronts various trials, including avenging his adoptive father Ragnar’s death. He also reclaims Bebbanburg from his uncle, Aelfric. His struggle with identity as both Dane and Saxon forms a core theme.

Alexander Dreymon’s portrayal adds depth to Uhtred’s character amidst historical backdrops. The show blurs history with fiction. It features locales like Bebbanburg (Bamburgh) in Northumberland, rooted in Anglo-Saxon history.

While many characters are historical, Uhtred is fictional, albeit inspired by Uhtred the Bold. The dynamic between Uhtred and King Alfred underscores conflicts between religion and loyalty. Alfred’s role in defending England against the Vikings is pivotal.

The Last Kingdom gained popularity, as is evidenced by its viewership and loyal fans. Its conclusion marked the end of an era, leaving a legacy of memorable characters and intense battles cherished by its audience.

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Ewan Mitchell in the Last Kingdom

ewan-mitchell-the-last-kingdomCredits: BBC

Ewan Mitchell plays Osferth in The Last Kingdom. Osferth is a character in The Saxon Stories novels and The Last Kingdom TV series. He is an important character, acting as a key figure from Season 2 to the first half of Season 5.

In the TV series, he’s portrayed as Alfred of Wessex’s bastard son and Leofric’s nephew. Osferth desires to serve Uhtred as a warrior despite his lack of experience. Throughout the series, his character undergoes excellent development and growth.

He transitions from a novice monk to a competent warrior under Uhtred’s guidance. In the novels, Osferth’s journey begins when Uhtred recognizes him and brings him into his service. Uhtred sees Osferth as an opportunity to relieve Alfred of his embarrassment.

Osferth proves himself in battle, injuring a Danish warlord. He later develops into a competent warrior who leads a part of Uhtred’s troops. In the TV series, Osferth’s journey involves joining Uhtred’s crew and facing his fears in battle.

He struggles with fear but learns the value of courage and determination from Uhtred. Osferth’s bravery is tested when he participates in a plan to save Lady Æthelflæd. He displays his growth as a warrior and his loyalty to Uhtred and his allies.

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Osferth’s character arc demonstrates his transformation from a novice to a courageous warrior. Mitchell’s portrayal makes Osferth a significant and memorable character in The Last Kingdom.

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