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Much like Aemond, Ewan Mitchell would practice his sword-skills even during breaks




The second season of the Game of Thrones precursor House of the Dragon is presently in post-production, and fans are eagerly anticipating it. Flying about on the largest dragon in Westeros at the time, Aemond Targaryen will play a crucial role in the future civil war. Aemond is an extremely unusual, occasionally frightful character. Actor Ewan Mitchell put a lot of effort into developing his persona.

Ewan Mitchell would never take coffee breaks

Among all the House of the Dragon actors, Mitchell has been known to be the most dedicated one. Speaking to The Face in an interview, showrunner Ryan Condal revealed, “I went around the corner and saw Ewan in the corner with his sword, practicing. That to me felt very Aemond. He’s always working on improving his skills. He’s not taking coffee breaks.”


House of the Dragon showrunner knew Ewan Mitchell was Aemond from the first audition itself

Condal recalled in the same interview, “It was actually quite off-putting because Ewan is a very committed actor. I don’t want to say he’s Method because I actually don’t know what his approach is. But he came into that room as Aemond! I just remember quietly saying to the casting director afterwards: ​‘He’s fantastic, I have to have him… Is he always like that?’”

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