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IKEA puts up their version of the Iron Throne, complete with a pun



The central idea of Game of Thrones is how everybody wants to sit on the Iron Throne. As fans of the show to an extent where we are pretty much obsessed with it, we too feel elated by the idea of sitting on the Iron Throne. We would be lying if we said that we haven’t sat on a big chair and pretended that it was the Iron Throne. Let’s face it, we’ve all done that. A store of the famous homeware maker, IKEA, has set up an Iron Throne made with a toilet and other toilet-related products, and it is glorious! Read on!

The picture of the display was shared to reddit by userrpmdebslack. The IKEA store seems to be a huge Game of Thrones fan, from the obvious effort which has gone into putting this display up. Check the picture, below :


It’s basically a toilet surrounded by white toilet brushes, and silver toilet brush holders. You have to appreciate the effort and decorating skills. While it is nowhere close to being made out of a thousand swords like the original, we would still sit on it anyway. That’s not it. The description of the Throne itself is a very well framed pun, hidden in the writing, which is in French. The original poster explained what it means, in a comment, saying :

“”Monter sur le trône” literally means “sitting on the throne.” It also means going to the toilet (figuratively).

The question is hence: Would you dare sit on the throne (go to the toilet)?”

We definitely would. As far as decor goes, this toilet would go really well with the Game of Thrones wedding photoshoot we talked about, a few days ago. Don’t you think? Let’s not forget, IKEA has pulled off a Game of Thrones gag before. An Australian IKEA store had previously used Hodor’s death reveal to sell a door stopper.

What do you think about the display? Would you want to have a similar decor at your place? Or maybe just a normal replica of the Iron Throne? Tell us in the comments, down below!

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