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“I used to like Polar Bears, but not anymore!” says Paul Kaye on his character's death in the latest episode



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The troupe that ventured North on Game of Thrones season 7 episode 6 ‘Beyond The Wall’, was clearly on a suicide mission. It didn’t help that almost every character was a fan-favourite and we were sure that at least one of them wouldn’t make it back. Game of Thrones delivered on that assumed promise, and what an emotional delivery it was. We lost the sassy priest Thoros of Myr in this episode and fans were obviously saddened, even though most of us were prepared to lose someone in this fight against the dead. Played by talented actor Paul Kaye, Thoros was attacked by an Undead bear who left fatal wounds, which later took his life.Paul talked about his character’s death during an interview with EW.

Speaking of when he got the call from the makers Benioff and Weiss, like every actor whose character dies on the show does, Paul said,“I got the news last summer sometime, I missed a couple calls from [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss], and that’s the kiss of death.”

He also spoke of how he was “obviously” disappointed that Thoros didn’t make it through, but also glad that he came back for season 7 since in the books Thoros has a different plot line with another character, Lady Stoneheart, who didn’t make it into the show.

“It looked like they weren’t following Lady Stoneheart’s storyline in the show, so I prepared myself not to re-emerge,” he said. “So it was great to get back and have this adventure. Just staying alive for six seasons is an achievement in itself on this show.”

About Thoros’s cremation, Paul said, “It’s glorious, really,” Kaye says. “And I like the fact I get [cremated] with my own booze as well —there’s a message there somewhere.”

He also went on to say how he no longer likes polar bears,“I used to like polar bears,” he says, “but not anymore!”

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