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Here are the best and worst moments from the latest Game Of Thrones episode, “The Spoils of War”




6. Jon & Dany get close in the dragonglass cave

Despite their pride and stubbornness, Jon and Dany are finally starting to listen to each other. More importantly, they’re both catching some feelings. The chemistry inside the cave is real.

5. “Dickon”

Bronn laughing at Dickon’s name. Simple and hilarious.

4. “Chaos is a Ladder.”

He may have mostly checked out, but when Littlefinger tries to charm him, Bran looks him straight in the eyes and quotes Baelish’s own motto: “Chaos is a ladder”. Even Petyr is totally unsettled.

3. Three Stark siblings reunited in Winterfell

The Starks have been through so much, so even if all remaining family members have been through hell and are a little wrecked, it’s really nice to have them together again in the place they once considered home.

2. Arya & Brienne spar

Arya remembers how Brienne defeated the Hound and decides to put her skills to the test. Not only does their meeting here at Winterfell send chills, we get to see two badass women warriors in action. Plus, Sansa and Little Finger get to see a glimpse of the skills Arya has attained.

1. Loot Train attack

There are so many BEST MOMENTS in this single battle. From the sight of charging Dothraki, to Drogon’s “Dracarys”, to Bronn with the Scorpion bolts, to Jaime charging at Daenerys. The whole sequence was brilliantly shot, and filled with glorious, visceral violence and edge-of-your-seat moments. This battle brought two sets of main characters together that had never encountered each other before, and ended in a cliffhanger as we wait to see what has become of Jaime!


6. Cersei talks with the Iron Bank’s representative

After spending this season being seriously badass, and in the midst of one of the best Game of Thrones episodes ever, the scenes between Queen Cersei and the representative from the Iron Bank of Braavos were just plain boring.

5. Dany loses her cool

Dany loses her patience and lashes out at Tyrion on the beach. Too bad she’s the one who should be taking responsibility for choosing to carry out strategic choices. Instead she lays into poor Tyrion, and says some things that may have negative repercussions if Tyrion is having second thoughts about serving under the Targaryen Queen.

4. Arya & Sansa’s cold encounter

The idea of Arya and Sansa reunited again was seriously exciting. But when they met in the crypt, their interaction was icy. Hopefully they can find a way to get along now that three Starks are back in Winterfell.

3. Jerk guards give Arya a hard time

Come on. Arya has been through seven hells since she’s last been to Winterfell. When she finally returns home she has to deal with two jerkwad guards who almost don’t let her in. Give Arya a break!

2. Bran doesn’t care about Meera … or anyone else

Last week Bran showed that he doesn’t know how to act around people anymore when he complimented his sister on being beautiful on the night she was raped. This week he is completely unappreciative for everything Meera went through for him, including the death of her brother Jojen. I know he’s the “Three-Eyed Raven” now, but that’s still seriously not cool.

1. Jon sees Theon… and doesn’t do anything

This is the first time Jon Snow has seen Theon Greyjoy since they lived together in Winterfell. Apart from Theon being kind of a jerk to him when they were younger, Jon also knows that it’s Theon’s fault that Winterfell was lost after he betrayed the Starks. While it’s cool to see these two characters meet again after so long, I really wanted Jon to give Theon a good beating.

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What did you think were the best and worst moments from “The Spoils of War”? Let us know in the comments!

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