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“I had to take a lot of permissions from HBO to get Kit Harington’s King in The North Jacket.”- reveals Andrew McClay



Andrew McClay Kit Harington

Game of Thrones was the best show on TV for nearly a decade. We might have loved or hated the ending, but there’s one thing we cannot deny — a lot of work was put into making the show. From the cast and the crew to the extras, everyone played an important role in making the show a huge success. The Game of Thrones official documentary, The Last Watch, showed how much effort was put in order to make the show look great on the screen, and one extra got a lot of limelight, i.e, actor Andrew McClay.

In a recent Instagram Live Session with Game of Laughs, McClay recalled a lot of fond memories from the set. He also remembered the scene from the documentary that was talked about a lot at the time, the scene where he passed on his jacket to Kit Harington. Turns out, it was actually specially made for Harington, at Andrew’s behest.

Andrew recalled, “That’s not my jacket, that one was specially made for him. Because if he wore my jacket, man, he would be fuc*ing swamped out. You know, he was that small. We had these special jackets for the extras, and I was in charge of the jackets for House Stark. I always made sure there was a proper Direwolf symbol, approaching HBO, you know if you were gonna be a Stark, it should show. The design means something.”

“I got one guy from the armory department, who came up to me and said he really wanted one of the jackets. And I said, “I’ll get you one, man.” So I approached HBO, and his name had to be put in, even though he worked there, which is fuc*ing mental. So he got one for season 7. He kept wearing it in season 8. Kit Harington saw one, saw him wearing it, and asked the armorer (Stevie) where the fu*k did he get the jacket. And Stevie said, It’s Andrew McClay. Kit was like, “The guy who said King in the North in season 6?” And Stevie said, “Yeah. That’s him.” And he goes, “Tell him that I’m looking to speak to him. Tell him to come and see me.”

“So Stevie comes to me, and I didn’t fuc*ing believed Stevie. “You’re fuc*ing making it up,” I said. But I still went to Kit and he was like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’d love one! I’d love a jacket man!” So I was like yeah, I’ll get the King in the North on the arm for you man. He’s like “Yeah! Yeah!” I asked him what size he wore, and he goes, “I probably a small.” I went and got this jacket made, which I had to go and get a confirmation from HBO, which was fuc*ing crazy. I came in with it and gave it to him, and he’s like, “It’s my favourite thing ever! I love this Andrew! I love this!”

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“We even met up after season 8, you know, when everything was wrapped up. He came back from his trailer and he said to me, “Oh Andrew, do you want to see Longclaw?” And I was like, “Yeah! Yeah!” And he was like (makes a sheathing sound) pulling it out and gave it to me man. There was a footage of me going mental with fuc*ing Longclaw man in King’s Landing. And then I handed it back over. He was the reason why Jon Snow is one of my favourite characters. He really brought him off, this melancholy boy off the pages. And on the screen for me. I loved Jon Snow’s story. I loved the entire thing. I loved that man that goes beyond the wall with all the wildlings. He’s basically King Beyond the Wall now, like yes!”

Do you remember this scene from the documentary? Would you have wanted a jacket for yourself from Andrew? Talk to us in the comments below!


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