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House of the Dragon’s new Aegon Targaryen actor comes from a Doctor Who dynasty



A Young Aegon II

House of the Dragon‘s newest episode is out, and fans of Doctor Who may recognize one of the show’s debut actors. With that being said, in episode 6, viewers see a time jump from where episode 5 left off and meet Aegon Targaryen II, the first male heir of King Viserys Targaryen, who was then a teenager. In this regard, a new actor, Ty Tennant, 20, appears on screen, taking charge of Aegon’s role.

Ty Tennant’s grandfather is Peter Davidson who once played the Doctor in the sci-fi series. Furthermore, Ty’s father, David Tennant played the 10th Doctor in the Doctor Who dynasty. Moreover, David married Georgia Moffett who played the daughter of the Doctor. That being said, Ty is Georgia’s son, but from her previous marriage.


Aegon is a significant character in House of the Dragon, whose storylines detail the events leading up to and during the Dance of the Dragons. The Dance of the Dragons was a tragic civil war that destroyed the Targaryen empire and was given its name by Westeros‘ poets.

Apparently, it is not clear how long we’ll get to see Tennant playing the role. Perhaps because it is Tom Glynn-Carney who will take the lead as the time jumps. However, it has been said that we will see Tennant for at least a few more episodes, so fans can rest assured that they will enjoy his portrayal of the character for a bit longer.

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