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House of The Dragon production designer and make-up supervisor discuss what goes into the making of Westeros




A show like Game of Thrones doesn’t simply reach the stature it did without everything being high class. An area where the show truly held its own was the sets, makeup, and costume designing. So it should come as no surprise that its upcoming prequel House of The Dragon featured some of the best makeup, sets, and costumes ever designed for TV. With the humongous amount of budget at their disposal, production designer, Jim Clay, and hair and make-up supervisor, Amanda Knight’s job were to deliver a believable representation of George R. R. Martin’s Westeros, and they excelled at that.

In the most recent episode of The Game of Thrones Official Podcast, Jim Clay and Knight got together for a discussion about what goes into the making of the costumes, makeup, and the set.

Clay said, “I think in the case of Driftmark, we built a big courtyard on the Saint Michael’s Mount Island and I think the crew went five weeks before we were shooting. An art director went there with I think 30 construction crew, built what we needed for the scenes, and then there’s a few day set, dressing, and then a day to rehearse and light, and then shooting. And I think that’s like 3 to 4 days of shooting maximum. It’s a lengthy process for a few minutes on the screen.”

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