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House of The Dragon’s Emily Carey feels ‘odd’ to leave Alicent’s story unfinished



Alicent at the royal wedding

Actress Emily Carey did an amazing job in doing justice to her character, Alicent Hightower, in House of The Dragon. The young actress knows that her character may not be liked by many people – after all, it’s hard to see your best friend marry your father. However, Carey believes that there is more to Alicent than meets the eye and she deserves more compassion from viewers. And she wishes that she could have completed the dowager queen’s story, which is unfortunately not possible considering the many time jumps we have seen in the first season, leading to the aging up of characters, including Alicent.

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Emily told Interview Magazine, “I feel like Alicent’s story feels unfinished, because it is—which is why Olivia’s finishing it. But it’s an odd feeling. I wouldn’t say it’s an uncomfortable or sad feeling. Of course it’s bittersweet, but I’m just so excited to see what Olivia does. You never get to see yourself in 10 years. Obviously, and by yourself I mean the character I’m playing. I’m just excited to be able to watch the show and sit back and appreciate it for what it is rather than critique my own performance. It’s just an honor to be the younger version of Liv of all people. I’ve admired her for years.”

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