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House of the Dragon prepares to film snowy scenes on new set



The second season of House of the Dragon is presently being produced by HBO. Like its predecessor, the fantasy epic has received a lot of positive feedback from fans who laud its engaging characters, storylines, settings, and other aspects. Fans of the original series, notably those of House Stark, lament the lack of focus given to some of their favorite Houses in House of The Dragon. Fortunately, a visit to Winterfell will be included in season 2.

A new winter set being prepared for House of the Dragon

While a crucial war sequence for House of the Dragon is presently being recorded at one site in Bourne Woods, another set that has been created to appear as though it is covered in snow has been noticed by UnBoxPHD quite near to the first one, suggesting a journey to the North and most likely Winterfell.

Who will portray Lord Cregan Stark in House of the Dragon?

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So far, the revelation has been kept under wraps, but a recent report placed a name behind the young Lord of Winterfell. Lord Cregan Stark, according to rumors, will be played by none other than Vikings Valhalla actor Leo Suter. The fact that Fabien Frankel and Emma D’Arcy have lately begun following him on Instagram adds credence to the story.

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