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House of The Dragon to film at location where iconic Game of Thrones battle was filmed




One of the many reasons why Game of Thrones achieved extreme popularity was its high-class over-the-top realistic battle scenes. Though a number of sequences come into mind when we think about the best battle ever shot in the HBO epic, Daenerys’ first encounter with the Lannisters when she burns their entire supply to the ground remains one of the best examples of her rise to power. The prequel House of The Dragon will be returning to the same location as the next site of filming.

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House of The Dragon to film at the Los Barruecos Natural Monument

The locals in Cáceres are very excited about the filming of House of The Dragon, and according to several sources and the local newspaper Hoy Extremadura, the next site of filming will be at Los Barruecos Natural Monument (Malpartida de Cáceres). It has been speculated that director Andrij Parekh, cinematographer Vanja Černjule and the director of aerial photography will be present on-site to take several videos using drones.

Which Game of Thrones scene was filmed at the Los Barruecos Natural Monument?

Game of Thrones fans would recognize this monument from Season 7 Episode 4 titled ‘The Spoils of War’. This is the same location where the Lannister army led by Jaime Lannister is attacked by Daenerys and her Dothraki horde, and we get the iconic scene of Drogon turning men and the bounty to ashes. The filming location appearing in House of The Dragon will be a beautiful homage, especially if Rhaenyra, played by Emma D’Arcy who recently arrived in Spain, gets to fly around the site.

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